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What the Increased Plant Based Interest Means For Companies Like Tyson

I myself have been plant-based for around two years, now. Many of my acquaintances have followed suit, and it’s becoming less and less surprising to see vegetarians in daily life. Many will argue this has no true effect, but a recent investment made by Tyson Foods shows otherwise. Not only does having a plant-based diet have an immediate impact through going easier on natural resources, it adds to the growing impact on the companies who produce and sell meat today. Four companies sell the majority of our meat in the United States today, with one of them being Tyson Foods, meaning that it takes a lot for them to be affected by activists.
Due to the fall of meat consumption, Tyson Foods has invested in the company Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is a vegan plant protein producer and has given Tyson Foods a 5% stake in their company, though for an undisclosed amount of money invested. (Note that this does not mean Beyond Meat is no longer an individual entity, it remains privately held.) Being such a shocking move for Tyson, one might question both the motives and intent in doing this. These questions are easily answered though with the realization that this is the next move for any smart business with an industry that’s declining. An intelligent business decision is to move with the times, and for Tyson this means listening to the younger generations interesting in healthier options for the planet and themselves.
The market for protein has continually made more and more room for plants, and will do so in the future. The millennial generation has represented more plant-based individuals than ever before, at least in developed countries like the US. This is a sure sign that the future is a move toward plant-based eating- especially when efforts to save the ever-threatened environment are being heard by humongous companies.
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