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5 Tips to Survive Election Day

Today is Election Day, a holiday highly associated with long lines and boredom. Hundreds of people file into their polling places, stand for a while, and leave. The voting process hasn’t exactly been portrayed in the most glamorous light. However, with the voting experience, much like anything else, you get back what you put into it

If you haven’t found/don’t know your polling place, there are a number of resources at your disposal. Tumblr mobile has released a tool where you enter your address and it returns your polling locations. If Tumblr isn’t your fancy, this information can also be found via your state’s Department of State website.

1. Never go alone. Standing in a line for 30 minutes is outright torturous when you’re alone. Bring a friend or group. Encourage your classmates and coworkers to come with you. The wait will feel a lot shorter when it’s filled with jokes and friendly banter. Plus, more people get their voices heard. It’s a win for you and a win for democracy.

2. Bring some entertainment. Bring a book and read a chapter or two while you wait, learn to play chess on your phone, or (my personal favorite) bring your Gameboy and have a Pokemon tournament with your friends while you wait.

3. Bring a water bottle. Lines may be long or short at your polling place, but it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Stay comfortable and stay hydrated.

4. Make sure you have your voter ID card. Keep it in your wallet. On November 8th, that card will be just as, if not, more important than your drivers license. DO NOT lose it.

5. Pick a good time to vote. Voting runs almost the entire day so pick a time that works around your schedule. And if dodging crowds is your goal, then the best time to vote is early in the morning (around 8), mid-morning (around 10:30), or mid-afternoon(around 1-2).

Now go forth and support your candidates, whoever they may be (at both federal and state levels). It’s your constitutional right. Don’t relinquish it for convenience.

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