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5 Reasons I Will Be Crying On Election Day


Election Day is here. We have been leading up to this for months now; months that been filled with every different kind of emotion that one can have. Excitement for the future, pain and agony when you think about how terrible some of our candidates might potentially be, sadness at the idea of President Obama and the family leaving Pennsylvania Avenue, etc.

With all these overwhelming emotions constantly surrounding us all this time, I can assure you that today, November 8th, the election night, will be filled with a country full of emotional citizens.

Personally, I can see myself bawling throughout the day, and especially when the results are finally in.

Here are some reasons why I will be crying today:

  1. Obama is leaving: there is absolutely no way that I couldn’t make this the first point on the list. I am the biggest fan of not just Barack Obama, but Michelle, Sasha and Malia as well. I remember being a little kid during the 2008 election, being a high schooler during the 2012 election, and just being so excited by the idea of Obama being President. Eight years have passed by much too quickly, and I’m not ready for him to leave.
  2. Having a female candidate: whether Hillary Clinton wins or loses, whether you’re one of her supporters or not, you cannot deny that having a female candidate come this far in an American election is huge. This is the kind of thing that’ll go down in the history books, and as a complete feminist, it’s such a big deal for me that I’m around during this milestone.
  3. Remembering Bernie Sanders: to this day, I am still one of the millions of people who are still upset about Bernie Sanders not becoming the Democratic presidential nomination. He was Grandpa Bernie to us all; the kind man who reminded us of Santa. Alas, he was not meant to be President. Doesn’t mean I’m not still salty about it though.
  4. No more Barack and Joe memes: I live for Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s friendship. They are goals. The memes you see on the internet, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook, give me life. I really will miss those; but here’s hoping that our favorite friends will still meet up often enough for us to be blessed with more goals and memes.
  5. Nothing left to talk about on social media: Ah, the thing that makes me so sad. I have spent months constantly tweeting and writing articles about this election. I have made friends just based off these political discussions, and I’ve probably made a lot of enemies too. Either way, I will miss seeing the constant Trump/Clinton discussions everywhere on the internet. Here’s to 2019, when the same thing will start up again.

Tonight will be the end of a long, controversial election that has changed the whole world as we know it. Whatever the end result is, let’s hope it’s a good one.

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