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Are You Living Out Your Values?
We are brought up being shown the division between good and bad, moral and immoral, right and wrong; is this division defined or blurry? Does it remain prevalent in your daily life?
Do you question your actions and general beliefs on a regular basis? Have many of us slipped into nonchalant acceptance of “what is”? Questioning is the ultimate distinction between intelligence and mundanity-and it makes a world of difference. Stagnant and unexamined life choices hold back and prevent not only personal but societal progress.
An example of this daily ignorance is the casual forgetting of what one supports in supporting factory farms. Another way that we all can get caught up in mindlessness is  through constantly chasing money and material items. We prevent ourselves from achieving real happiness in the unexamined life.
Our values are shaped in early life and remain generally consistent through our years here, but can remain unapplied for unbelievable amounts of time. The purpose of values in the first place is to live in a better way, and support progress. That is supported by the fact that as we grow older, out moral reasoning shifts. As younger children, we know little of the world around us and therefore are motivated by reward or punishment. Even now, as a teen- much of one’s action is based on and contrived from societal expectations; don’t get me wrong, though, there is plenty of wriggle room in that and everyone will mature at different times. All I’m proposing today is that you analyse yourself and really take a lot at the motivation behind your actions. Much of the time, there’s a discrepancy between what you feel you believe in and what you choose to act according to .
Do you choose conscience or ease? Do you consider before you act? Choosing conscious action and consideration always pays off in a bigger way, even if harder.  You’ll have an ease of mind knowing that you live as you believe you should.
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