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No, Kellyanne Conway Did Not “Break The Glass Ceiling”

When Hillary Clinton got the Democratic nomination it was the beginning of her “breaking the glass ceiling”. Many of the devastated Sander and enthusiastic Clinton supporters believed that she was on the path to not only make history as the first women to be commander in chief but shatter all expectations for women. Then November 8th happened and nothing went as many planned. Donald Trump was elected and the woman with all the success was considered Kellyanne Conway.

Post presidential election Kellyanne Conway has been described as being the first successful women to lead a man to the white house. Conservatives, such as Tomi Lahren, have considered this as “breaking the glass ceiling” and have judged liberals for not giving her any credit for the “success”.

The problem here is, we cannot consider what Kellyanne has done as groundbreaking when all it has done is make homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, racism, amongst other backward ideologies acceptable.

The duty of a campaign manager is to look over what their nominee does. They control what is released to the media on behalf of nominees and they do damage control when things start going of the rail. Originally Kellyanne Conway started out as a Ted Cruz supporter and was constantly attacking Donald Trump, even citing that Trump was “a man who seems to be offending his way to the nomination”. When Ted Cruz lost the nomination she made her way to becoming a part of the Trump campaign. She went from being the woman that was attacking all of Trump’s ideologies to becoming the one that justified them and made them acceptable.

Even though she may not have the same ideas that he and his supporters do, that does not justify her. She decided to become the person who had to defend Trump therefore making herself the one who justified his supporters actions, as well. The base of her success cannot be based on the result of this election. She took over a campaign that was driven by hate. She may have helped close the gap, but on November 8th it was the close minded America that got up and voted. As a woman, conservatives wish for for to be given credit, especially by liberals, but that is impossible. She has stood by a man who described sexually assaulting women, has treated women as nothing more than inanimate sexual objects, and was accused of sexual assault by multiple women. As a woman, she needed to establish a fine line between Trump’s ignorance to political correctness and his treatment of not only women, but human beings. Kellyanne Conway has failed to break this “glass ceiling” because she decided to further justify and make acceptable the deep rooted hate of minorities, members of the LGBT+ community, among many other groups.

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