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4 Apps To Help Manage Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect 18% of adults in the United States, ranging from 18 years old and older. Although it is the most common mental disorder, only a third of people actually seek some sort of help.  It is complicated to find help for some because they may not have the time of day for it, while others never talk to anyone about seeking help. I fell in that group of never speaking to anyone about my anxiety and depression. I felt for a long time that I was in a hopeless, bottomless pit of despair.

Thankfully, with research and the help of the internet, I was able to find a few apps to help me begin recovery. Currently I have spoken to my family about my anxiety and I’m seeking professional help. Here are some of the apps I have tried and found helpful. Most of them are free and available for IOS and Android.


Although it is not specifically an app designated to help with anxiety disorders, it is made to get things off your chest and get responses from others that are in similar situations. The app allows you to pick your current mood and describe exactly what your problem is.

2. Pacifica

This app allows you to create mood entries and to check in with how much sleep and exercise you have gotten. The app also helps with a couple exercises for when you have an anxiety attack.

3. I Can Be Fearless

This app has multiple features. It contains soothing music as well tips to help with your mood. It also can help you focus on goals you want to achieve.

4. Hellomind

This app helps set goals as well as focus on specific areas you want to work on. For example, if you want to do exercises for self-esteem, it provides help for that.

Other ways to help with anxiety can also be starting a blog or trying out photography. Aside from the apps, you can also try breathing exercises on your own, journaling, meditation, and other techniques. If you do suffer from anxiety and depression, speak to someone you trust and get the proper help. A professional will always be more helpful than an app.

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