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It’s Time To Cut Those Toxic People Out Of Your Life

We are still fairly early in the new year, and honestly, it’s never too late for a fresh start, so now is the perfect time to start cutting those toxic people out of your life. I have about 90 more days of school until I graduate from high school, and I’m already preparing to cut my toxic high school “friends” out of my life. I’ve been holding off on doing this because I thought I could wait, but everyday these people continue to treat me badly, so why not start now.

Dumping toxic people will make your life better, easier, and probably make you way happier. Even though it is a had thing thing to do, it’s necessary for our mental health. Friendships are just like any other relationship, they can end, and sometimes, it’s better for both people if they do. Toxic people bring negativity, victim hood, and drama into your life that is just completely unnecessary. These “friends” tend to make everything about them, because to them there’s only one world. Theirs. It seems like you’re always there for them when they need you, but when you need them, your problems don’t matter. You’re just someone who they can rely on to feed into their ego.

No matter how long you and this person have been friends, how long you’ve known them, even if they were a good person before, the best thing you can do is let this person go. Sometimes you can use a slow fade, or ghosting method. Just start to distance yourself from that person. Don’t answer their texts, slowly stop answering their snapchats, don’t invite them out anymore. That’s the easiest approach to something like this. If ghosting won’t work, sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and cut them out of your life for good. Block their number, unfollow their instagram. That may be messy, and hurtful, but sometimes it necessary. As soon as you get rid of those toxic people you can spend more time focusing on your real friends and people who you like to be around.

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