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Arielle Scarcella Proves Once Again That She Is Not an Ally To the Transgender Community

Trigger warning: transphobia

Arielle Scarcella has had a history of being a bad ally to the transgender community. She participated in that infamous “Two Genders” video with JaclynGlenn and has made other videos such as “Would You Date A Lesbian With A Penis?” in which she asks her transgender friend Tara inappropriate and invasive questions and continues to perpetuate harmful transphobic ideas.

To me and many transgender people, Arielle Scarcella has been an “ally” who continues to leave her lane. She is a cisgender woman who is persistent in speaking for and over transgender people.

Her video with Dan Brown in which they dictated how a transgender person should act and what they should do when it comes to dating is a perfect example of this. In the collaboration, Dan brings up whether it is their place to talk about trans issues being two cisgender people, to which Arielle responds: “It’s either everybody’s place or nobody’s place in my opinion”.

But many of these videos are in the past and she has apologized for them, right?

On 9th February she uploaded a video called “I’m Transphobic Because I Like Boobs & Vagina”. The video itself is not as problematic as her videos have been in the past, however it is what she perpetuates outside of the video which has rubbed me and many transgender people the wrong way.

After posting the video, this is what she tweeted, again proving why she is a terrible ally for the transgender community.

It is one thing to make a video about transphobic preferences when dating, but it is another to see transgender people expressing their opposing opinion and condemning them as being not “actual trans women”. If you go from being an ally to attacking and invalidating transgender people expressing their opinions, you are not being a good ally.

Not to mention that this idea of “actual trans women” versus people who are not “actual trans women” is an idea which has led to much violence towards trans people. It leads others to believe that we are lying and being dishonest about who we are and that we are inherently deceitful people.

Lastly, Arielle Scarcella loves pretending that she has an army behind her of trans friends who are the real ones because they completely support her in her allyship with the transgender community, as evidenced with Tara and her video with Maia. This seems to be her protection when defending herself against critiques of her being a poor ally.

However, it seems as though her support from her trans friends is smaller than she boasts it to be. Many trans YouTubers including Kat BlaqueAsh HardellMilo Stewart and ChasingCody have responded to her continuous transphobia and miseducation on transgender issues.

Riley J. Dennis, another trans YouTuber, even tweeted this in response to Arielle Scarcella’s tweet.

While it is absolutely possible in the future for Arielle Scarcella to come to her senses and stop speaking for and over trans people, she ultimately has not shown any evidence for this. She continues to leave her lane as a cisgender woman and does not know her place as a transgender ally. We would feel much happier if instead of making videos about us with her one friend who is trans, she would simply support us and our work. There are already many trans YouTubers who are making authentic content on trans issues, as it is their lived experience.

At the end of the day, I don’t hate Arielle Scarcella. I just don’t think that she is a good trans ally.

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