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3 Hairstyles For Afro Hair You Really Need To Try

Disclaimer: This article focuses on 3c-4c hair.

If you’re like me you find it insanely difficult to find a way to control those beautiful curls we call an afro. There are many tutorials all over YouTube but I personally can never find some to fit my specific hair type.

Dealing with natural hair can be a monstrous but no longer.

I am here to give you 3 quick and easy ways to style an afro perfect for a day out or even school.

Single ponytail with leave out: This one works best with shoulder length 3c hair.

Take the front parts (roughly ¼) of your hair and run gel through them, taking extra care with edges.

Using a hard bristle hair brush, flatten the edges of the hair at the front of the head.

Take the section of the front that you have gathered and tie it up.

Leave the back section of the hair down.

Space buns with leave out: This one works best for 4a hair.

Section the hair into ¼ and then split those into halves.

Tie up the two halves into buns.

Using hair gel or any other form of edge control, lay them edges!

Tighten/ loosen the buns to your preference.

Natural curls: This one is for my 4c and 4b girls.

One of the key parts to this style starts the night before.

Tightly cornrow your hair into roughly 10 plaits.

Wet the hair next (crazy I know), oil the plaits with your normal conditioner and dry off excess water before leaving to air dry overnight.

The next morning, undo the braids hair style how you wish.

Now don’t hide your curls, embrace them and let that melanin pop!

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