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Instagram Makeup Artists Need To Be Stopped

I am one of the biggest makeup enthusiasts you will ever meet. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent on makeup this I didn’t even need, or lipsticks I bought but never wear because it doesn’t even match my skin tone, but it looked so pretty in the tube. I’ve even gotten paid to do makeup for weddings before, so I love makeup just as much as the next person, but can we all agree that Instagram makeup artists need to be stopped?

Watching makeup videos is something I do for enjoyment, to get inspiration, and because I think it’s relaxing to watch someone else put makeup on, but every time I get on the explore page on Instagram I’m attacked by someone using a Cheeto to contour, or a chicken breast to blend their makeup.

I’m all for innovation and finding easier and simple ways to do things, but blending foundation with a chicken breast, bra insert, or a sponge you wash dishes with? Isn’t that taking it too far? What’s the point of wrapping your beauty blender in saran wrap, or putting a condom on it. They’re already safe to use. I’ve seen a video of a girl putting fake freckles on with a piece of broccoli.

Sure, watching all these videos are entertaining and pretty funny, but why can’t they just use regular brushes or beauty blenders, or literally anything else that was meant for you to apply makeup with. We need to draw the line, a chicken breast should not be something people are putting makeup on with.

(This article is not telling you how to do your makeup. if you want to put your foundation on with a chicken breast, go for it! Stay slaying!)

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