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Why Vaginas Shouldn’t Be the Mascot for Feminism

Vagina’s are plastered everywhere as an empowering icon for feminism, and whilst I personally agree that the freeing of nipples and bodies and nudity in general is quite liberating, we should also remember that not everyone who is a Feminist would feel the same. To some it can be quite demeaning or even embarrassing, and as a entire group of women fighting for either our rights, our respect, or even freedom; we should be totally inclusive of everyone despite our differences.

(The Young Eccentric – Pussy Power)

This is why I would identify myself as an Intersectional Feminist, someone who would include all other varieties of oppression within the general idea of feminism. Vaginas are a sex organ given to individuals born with XX chromosomes, and although most women may have a vagina, using the organ as a mascot for women in general is quite obviously not trans-inclusive, as gender is a wide and varied experience, that cannot simply be reduced to biological or anatomical distinctions.

Naomi Wolf mentioned in her book, “Vaginas: A New Biography” that women have a brain-vagina connection, and that our “potential of female power” is primarily sourced in our genitals; which would make us spiritual goddesses with a wellspring of sexuality that must be catered to by our, ideally male, sexual partners. However, this would just add to how society reduces women to their sex alone and sex itself. Which is the oldest patriarchal trick we all know. Not to mention the drastic pressure from society’s line between Virgin or Whore, applied to almost all women – another example of an active misogyny input to the harsh judgement on our bodies and sexuality.

Women are so much more powerful and possess a lot more strength than we are made out to be or have. It would be a lot more empowering and honestly more rewarding for us to focus on our outstanding abilities and stamina, and just how brilliant and successful we are, than to chant “Pussy Power” and flash our genitals. At it’s core, it shows a very narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman. Besides, who would want to give the horrifically vulgar men the satisfaction of their hormones lusting over the least intelligent thing we have to offer.

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