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5 Things I, as a Feminist, Want You to Know

It may be 2017 but the stigma around feminism is as present as ever, in the day and age of freedom of speech many still declare that feminism is holding us back. Time and time again I have heard the line “I’m not a feminists because I’m not anti-men” or something similar. However, I’m not here to say you need to be a feminist. Instead I’m here to defend me and my reasoning to be a feminist.*

1. I promise we don’t hate men.

Now let me clear this up, the stigma of all feminists hating men is simply wrong; and if a feminist claims to men they either; a) don’t understand the real reason for the feminist movement or b) have their own personal reason which we (as in feminist) can’t change.

2. We are fighting for equality.

Before the age of 14 I can say I thought feminism was purely for women, for women to have the rights men do. However, although its true we are fighting for women to have the rights that men do we are also fighting for the rights for men that they deserve. From fair paternity leave to awareness for male sexual assault victims.

3. Men are feminist too.

I apologize now, there’s a high chance you have heard this one hundreds of times. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. It’s feminism because women were extremely “underprivileged” which caused the beginning of the feminist movement. Yes times have moved on but the aim is still the same. Equality.

4. We are tired of defending ourselves.

Just because you personally aren’t a feminist doesn’t mean I should have to defend why I am. I am a feminist because I educated myself on the topic and it seemed like something I agreed with and can honestly say I am glad to be part of. If you’re opposed then that’s okay but I will still be fighting for what I believe in.

5. We aim to educate.

We may seem like we are forcing you to agree with us and share the same views, sometimes it may come across as rude. Yes, we know it seems like we are forcing this things upon you but really we are trying to inform you. If you decide to take the information and use it (i.e. become a feminist) or you feel like it isn’t something you want to be part of (i.e. not be a feminist) then that’s your choice. But we are fighting for equality and that means spreading the word, educating and letting people know why.

*All views are my own and aren’t applicable to all feminists or anyone else. 

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