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Toxic Anti-Blackness Sentiment towards Black Americans from the African Community Needs To Stop

Growing up in a Nigerian household, there was always a blatant schism between what it meant to be African, and what it meant to be black, or Black-American. During my childhood, a barrier continually existed between my black friends and I based off on our differing experiences and environments growing up. Simultaneously, a bond with other Nigerians, or members of other communities within the African diaspora persisted and developed. I grew up with the attitude of only being able to relate to other Nigerians or West Africans, which isn’t necessarily problematic, considering it occurred throughout history among various ethnic groups of all races. The toxicity of the distinction between Black and African culture is the hateful and condescending sentiment that follows suit.

Often times the African diaspora contemptuously views Black Americans as “lazy,” “dumb” and other attributes that suggest an inferiority.

An example spouted from one of my Nigerian relatives was that blacks elected and reelected President Obama because they wanted to “sit at home and live on welfare.” When I heard this, I was not only beyond disgusted, but also horrified that another black person would make such a remark that completely erases the racial oppression and trivialization of Black-Americans for centuries, belittling the results of the community’s modern day issues as being caused by their collective “laziness.”

Another astonishing aspect is the racist connotations hidden within the statement. Statements such as those possess similarities to statements and assumptions employed by those inherently ignorant, privileged, or racist. By reiterating racist rhetoric such as this, the African community perpetuates an attitude of their superiority to Black Americans, and also furthers racists’ agenda to disperse disparity among the race collectively.

A final method facilitated to condescend Black-Americans by members of the vast African diaspora is the argument that Black-Americans do not have their own distinct culture or heritage due to unawareness of their African lineage, an effect of slavery. This notion is erroneous because Black-Americans do have their own unique culture: American culture. Aspects of American politics, classes, and socioeconomic statuses set in place today were built on the exploitation of their humanity and denial of their inalienable rights. Let’s face it, without Black-Americans and centuries of years of unpaid labor on the backs of blacks, where would America’s initial wealth have come from? American culture is nothing without Black culture, point blank period.

Divisive attitudes and the need to claim superiority over Black-Americans is unnecessary. It does no good whatsoever for members of the African diaspora. It doesn’t grant any form of privilege, and it certainly doesn’t protect or shelter any black person, regardless of ethnicity, from being subjected to racism and discrimination. So fellow maybe it’s time to end the toxic perpetuation of anti-blackness. We already get enough of that from non-black people of color and institutions anyways.

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