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Is It Too Late to Cast a Spell on Emma Watson’s Hypocrisy?

Emma Watson has made it clear that she is a feminist before anything else. Though, we all respect her fight for women. It’s upsetting when she says/does things that contradict her words and yet again turns feminism into a joke. We all fell in love with her as Hermione Granger from the beloved series Harry Potter. We’ve watched her grow into an educated, accomplished and humble young adult but we never thought she’d carry traits that ultimately portray her as a hypocrite.

Emma posed for Vanity Fair recently in the wake of her film promotions but one picture caused controversy amongst others. Was Emma’s decision to slightly bare her chest un-feminist of her? To quickly another that question; no it wasn’t. How a woman expresses herself through her body is her own choice and society should come to terms with that. However, what’s un-feminist is Emma shaming Beyoncé for being sexual and THEN doing a shoot like this without apologizing.

During an interview with Wonderland Magazine in 2014, Emma discussed her “conflicting opinions” regarding Beyoncé’s self titled album. Her statement not only put down women for being sexual beings, she also criticized Beyoncé’s feminist stance. As a self proclaimed feminist, Emma should be the first person in support of women in everything we do instead of erasing what it truly means to be a woman.

Unfortunately, Emma has been quoted multiple times disregarding women and shaping feminism as conservative. Women are powerful, hardworking, sexual, smart, creative and more. As the spokesperson for UN Women, Emma should be uplifting women and setting a better example for young girls that idolize her. It’s disheartening to see such an impactful person contradict themselves to that extent.

It’s 2017 and women are now at the forefront finally. We are getting more credit for our hard work and are progressing immensely. Let’s not perish the true definition of feminism. Implementing a global understanding in the fight for justice is important and crucial for us all.

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