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I Saw Sean Spicer at An Apple Store And I Was Shook

Yesterday while at the Apple store buying a new phone none other than Sean Spicer walked in. You read that right– I just happened to see Sean Spicer browsing the Apple store on a saturday afternoon.

Spicer is Trump’s  press secretary and the White House communications director, as well as the internet known “alternative facts” speaker. He was also recently portrayed in a brilliant SNL skit by Melissa Mccarthy.

I have to say I found this very weird. A known worker in the Trump administration, walking alone around D.C, a city where more than 90% of voters voted for Clinton. My mother saw it as an opportunity. She immediately turned to her friend who was with us, someone who has extensive knowledge of politics. She wanted him to go over to Spicer and start talking and questioning him.

But, he was beaten to it. About 20 minutes after he entered a woman came up to him and started asking questions along the lines of  “how does it feel to lie to the American people”. He ignored her and continued talking to a worker at the store. The second time she talked to him she was recording it on her phone. All he said was “thank you, have a good day,” again and again.

This begs the question: should politicians have the right to walk around in public and not be questioned or talked to by strangers about their views or actions? It was clear Spicer did not want to be talked to. Some people may argue it was rude for this woman to question him while he was not currently working, he was just enjoying a saturday.

I disagree with this argument. When Spicer accepted his position as press secretary he signed up to work in a government for the people. Lying to the people is undemocratic, which he has done multiple times. He lied about the amount of people who attended Trumps inauguration, he lied about the Muslim ban not being a ban, and he lied about obama tapping into a Fox News reporter’s phones. He lied, and he deserves to be questioned on why. He also deserves to know that the American people won’t stand for it. This woman gave him that message.

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