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Steve King’s, “Somebody Else’s Babies,” Comment Is A Reflection Of The GOP Today

“We have to realize that (Donald) Trump, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and (Steve) King are not merely the “bad seeds,” of the Republican party. They ARE the Republican party.”

If it was not evident enough that the GOP and alt-right’s have virtually became synonymous to each other, look no further than Steve King’s tweet and his appearance on CNN’s “New Day.”

Frightening, right? The Republican from Iowa made such horrible comments and instead of recanting his statements, he doubled-down on them. On national TV, nonetheless.

Sad to say that at this point, statements like this no longer cause me to stand there with my jaw dropped in dismay, and my eyes widened reacting in sheer disbelief. Comments such as these are beginning to define the silhouette of the Republican party and have unfortunately been expected at this point.

Since the legitimate rise of Donald Trump’s candidacy, the linguistics of the Republican party has taken on a horrific, frightening shape. These politician and media elites alike have used every word and phrase in the book to “other,” minorities and make them appear as criminals who are the source of the problem. They have used words such as “war” and “jungle” to describe the crime rate in “inner-cities” (which is merely code for “where black people live). They have relied on Networks such as “Fox News” to serve as the catalyst for pushing their racist agenda. They continue to manipulate anybody who would indulge themselves in their programs. The Republican party is taking on a new outlook, and they have the alt-right to thank for that.

The Republican party has adopted the views of the alt-right, to the point where neither groups ideals are inseparable. The biggest white supremacist group in America is no longer the KKK but it is surely the Republican party. White supremacist groups and organizations continue to rally behind this presidency, and it is not because it is simply a coincidence. These groups recognize that an agenda to “Make America Great Again,” will restore a society that once favored discrimination and favored the “common man” of America. Although times have changed, the GOP wishes to revert us back to a more egregious time where diversity was shunned, segregation was the norm, and white people were the end-all, be-all.

And even with the few Republicans that oppose the agenda of the GOP, why do we not hear their voices? As Elie Weisel once said, “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

So one cannot separate King’s statements from the GOP. Because the GOP is where King’s statement stems from. The GOP is where his fear stems from.

King’s fear of American society being restored with “somebody else’s babies,” is a reflection of the GOP’s paranoia with a more diverse America. It is a reflection of the advocacy behind white supremacist nationalism. It is a reflection of the ignorance that elite whites display–who fear being “displaced,” from their high horse in American society’s social hierarchy will put them at a position that they often discriminated against for centuries.

The media isn’t any better. Instead of calling put King’s statements for exactly what they have depicted, the media chooses to use rhetoric such as “racially charged,” when talking about the statements of Steve King. Instead of identifying them as words that endorse white supremacy, or even calling these statements straight up racist, the media chooses to downplay the horror of these words. This subconsciously sets up the notion that anybody who blatantly uses the words “racist,” is just looking to start trouble and to create something out of nothing.

This is not okay and it is the job of the press and the people to hold individuals such as Steve King accountable!

We have to realize that Trump, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and King are not merely the “bad seeds,” of the Republican party. They ARE the Republican party. In a country that is now living in a racist backlash due to the election of Barack Obama, statements such as these are becoming more and more normalized. They are being spewed left and right, almost to the point where it is so hard to keep up with them. And while such vulgar language continues to be spoken into existence, we must fight against these words with a unified outcry that seeks social justice. We must fight against these words with a never ending persistence that seeks to obtain equality for all. Muslim bans, racist policies, and nasty rhetoric will not work against us because we will speak out against them every chance we get.

In a society where statements such as King’s are becoming more normalized, let’s allow our objection to such language from government officials to reign prominent as well. Statements like this aren’t okay. And they never will be.


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