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Thanks To Black Twitter, Kennedi High Has Been Found

Today,  March 13, The Baltimore Police Department announced that 15 year old Kennedi High had been found safely. The young, black teen had been missing since March 8, but attention to her case was not really drawn until two days later when Black Twitter shed light on the sheer amount of black girls going missing in the Baltimore area, including Kennedi High.

High, an autistic African American teen, was believed by many to be a victim of sex trafficking. Fortunately, when screenshots of  Snapchat conversations where High  revealed that she had been kidnapped and was being held away from her family were posted to twitter, the internet jumped onto the case.

With the unrelenting determination of many people to bring Kennedi High home safely, she was recovered earlier this morning. Although police are still looking into the circumstances of High’s case, the most important thing is that she has been reunited with her family.

Unfortunately, High’s case is not unique. There are countless black girls disappearing across the nation and it appears that the mainstream media does not care. Kennedi was found by the internet. Twitter and Tumblr users banded together to do what the authorities could not have done alone: locate this young black teen and bring her home.



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