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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, “You Wear Too Much Makeup!”

“You wear so much makeup!” “You look like a drag queen.” “Cake face!” “You’re so fake.” “When you wear all that makeup I feel like you’re lying to me!” “I prefer a more natural look.”

Almost every makeup enthusiast, such as myself, has heard at least one of those statements before. It’s the most annoying thing when I’m walking through the halls of my high school, totally feeling myself because my eyeliner is sharp enough to kill a man, and someone comes along and throws off my groove with the typical, “That’s a lot of makeup!” comment.

When someone says anything about how much makeup I choose to wear I morph into the human embodiment of the eye roll emoji. Do you really think I’m not aware of all the makeup that’s on my face right now? I’m the one who got out of bed early to be able to put two layers of foundation on, so yeah, I know there’s a lot of makeup on my face right now. I have pretty bad skin that I like to cover up, so I’m going to wear a lot of makeup. It’s my face, therefore it’s my business what and how much of something I choose to put on it.

Makeup is an art form! Playing with makeup and creating new looks is fun! Makeup is one of the ways many boys and girls like the express themselves so why should anybody be policing how much makeup they wear? That’s right! They shouldn’t. Why can’t other people just let people enjoy things without making them feel bad for it? That’s something that really needs to stop.

You do you, boo! Don’t let anyone feel bad for how much makeup you choose to wear! If you want to, cake it on there! Do some crazy looks, and stay slayin! Makeup is meant to be fun, so don’t let anyone bring you down!


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