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Self-care During Stressful Times: 5 Simple Ways

Midterm season for college just passed and if you didn’t have any and are in school, then I’m sure you have finals to look forward to. Times of heavy work load from important tests and projects all happening at the same time for our classes, along with the many things we do, often make us forget about the importance of self-care and set that on the back burner. Even though maybe at those times self-care isn’t as pressing a matter as studying for finals and putting the final touches on big projects, maintaining your self-care will help by making you more productive anyway and will help you to stay sane throughout the tough weeks leading up to finals and throughout college in general.

In preparation for finals, here are 5 easy ways to help maintain self-care during stressful times that won’t be too time consuming.

  1. Meditating Outside

Take any moment you have to breathe in between class and studying to go outside anywhere from 5-15 minutes to just sit and for a second, do nothing. You won’t miss that miniscule amount of time so sit out there and look at our beautiful Earth and take that time to meditate and re-focus yourself so when you go back to studying and such, you actually  have a clear head.

  1. Listen to Music

Music is such a good outlet that we can enjoy by losing ourselves in a song to forget about the stress for a 3 minute song and enjoy our alone time in cars, walking to class, and even studying.

  1. Morning routines

With a time of heavy stress, it is much easier to roll out of bed, with morning breath, unbrushed hair and make-upless. But waking up and actual getting ready helps get you stay motivated to do your best. We all know the saying “Look good, feel good, do good”, there’s truth in it. Getting ready for the day doesn’t take too long, I promise.

  1. Eat well

Eating healthy any time of year is never exactly easy but it’s even more important during final times because eating healthy feeds your brain to help you stay focused and effective. Eating really late, not enough and junk food may be easier or just the way we eat under stress but it is worth it to try to make healthy choices to help our brain function properly so your work can get done and retain information.  

  1. Sleep

Sleep is the best part of my day and if you’re trying to do well on your finals, it should be yours too.  According to Campus Minds, “sleep deprivation in students has been linked to lower GPAs because sleep affects concentration, memory and the ability to learn” so it really pays off to get your sleep so you can pass.

Take care of yourself with these easy ways! They all don’t take too much time or effort, and they’ll pay off. We should learn from our midterms to look to our finals with less fear, more self-care.

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