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8 Ways to Beat the Post Spring Break Slump

Spring break is over. Lucky vacationers are unpacking, and everyone else is returning back to school to get back in the swing of things. However, returning back after a week of no school after possibly sleeping in for an entire week is quite a rough adjustment.

If you are back from spring break, but your motivation has yet to return and unpack, here a few friendly tips for getting back and re-motivated to finish April and the rest of this semester.

1. Look at the big picture. More than half of this semester is over. A few more weeks of assignments, finals, and then the grace of summer vacation. Now is the time to buckle down and you are more than capable to do so.

2. Look ahead. It’s not as scary if preparation for the end of the semester starts now. For college and high school students, finals are coming up and sometimes final assignments. Some teachers assign big end of the year assignments early, so instead of drowning at the consequences of procrastination, make an earnest attempt to start early. Shake things up and start now!

3. Reorganize. During the semester, quite a lot of things fall off the long list of priorities. Update a to-do list of task and prioritize them. Reorganize your planner. Update and remember you goals from your new year’s resolutions.

4. Say no to friends once in a while. There’s a healthy balance between social life and productivity and that depends on the person. If you feel like you’re slipping behind, it’s okay to say no to things once in awhile. Your friends will understand.

5. Grades aren’t everything. They’re important, but they’re not the most important.

6. Try to spice up your studying and homework routine. Try a new study spot. Maybe try the park on a sunny day instead of the library. It could be a helpful change of pace. Try listening to a new study playlist while you work. Try a different genre of music and see if it helps.

7. Treat yourself. Reward hard work whether it be with a hot bath, dessert, or taking a night off to relax. Take the time for self care so when it’s time to focus the hard stuff can get done.

8. Finish strong! You are smart, capable, worthwhile, efficient, and hard working. Good luck on the rest of your semester!

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