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Liberty University Students Will Not Be Attending Their College Graduation Because Trump Is the Commencement Speaker

Donald J. Trump will be the commencement speaker at Liberty University Graduation, and Jasmine Crowder is not happy with it.

Crowder received her undergraduate degree from the university in the Spring of 2015 and continued her education there through their online program to receive her MBA this upcoming Spring.

However, Crowder has chosen not to attend her own graduation because Trump will be the commencement speaker.

“I chose not to go because I don’t support anything Trump stands for. I choose moral consciousness over walking across the stage,” she said.

Crowder went on to say, “Imagine someone saying ‘Oh I saw Hilter’ just because he’s speaking at their graduation. Of course, he isn’t Hitler, but he is supporting racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. beliefs. I don’t support people like that. And I choose to not be around that kind of energy, no matter what the purpose is for. I choose to start this chapter of my life not with such negativity, but with people who can inspire me to do better, be better, and love more. Plus I want to spare the brain cells of hearing him ramble.”

Crowder is not surprised by their Chancellor’s decision to allow Trump to speak. Jerry actually endorsed Trump in the campaign. According to Crowder, Liberty University practices under the belief that conservatism is equal to Christianity. In fact, she describes her University as, “extremely conservative. Same-sex dorms, curfews, mandatory chapel, dress code policies. They’re definitely the children of your average Fox News supporters.”

Even so, Crowder acknowledges that it was her decision to attend there.

“I knew how it was when I chose to go there, so I don’t bash how the college is, their rules, etc… I just believe Christianity does not mean conservative, so there is no need to involve politics and make it so tied to our school’s name,” she said.

Like many Americans, Crowder does not recognize Trump as her president. She said, “I do not call Trump my president because I have zero respect for that man and who he is as a person. Nonetheless, I will always hope for the best for him because he is running the country I and my loved ones live in. I don’t want to see America in ruins.”

Crowder is not the only student who has chosen to attend their graduation. Crowder stated that she has seen lots of backlash since the announcement and that even her own cousin will not be attending.

Because she doesn’t want to make a big a scene or ruin the ceremony for anyone else, Crowder plans to have a small graduation at her home with her family who supports her decision fully.

“Instead I’m going to celebrate with my parents and siblings at my parents house and hold a fake graduation. That is why I was hoping someone who I would be honored to walk in front of or hear speak, will be my homemade commencement speaker like Angela Rye.”

We support Crowder’s noble decision to put her moral conscious over her selfish desires. At a time when resistance is more needed than ever, at all levels, it is people like her who truly make a difference.

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