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Schools Issue Warnings In Response To Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’

The ever so popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why has created quite an uproar over the past few weeks, being very controversial among its audience ever since its release.

The show, which is based on the story of Hannah Baker and what lead her to kill herself, has reached school boards and officials who are clearly not fans of the new series have expressed deep concern regarding its graphic exploration of rape and suicide, among other triggering issues included in the show’s plot.

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, schools have issued warnings, as a response to concerned regarding the show’s portrayal of suicide. The Netflix series that is spreading like wildfire throughout ever social media platform has reached schools all over the world, where a large percentage of parents and officials do not agree with the show’s approach to such a sensitive topic.

A letter sent to the parents of a public school in Montclair, New Jersey stated: “While the show is fictional, the series is extremely graphic, including several rape scenes, and raises significant concerns about the emotional safety of those watching it.

The district’s mental health and harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) coordinator, Andrew Evangelista, felt the need to raise awareness after watching the series himself and expressed that “it just didn’t feel right.”

Schools in Ontario are quite concerned, due to the limitless popularity of the show. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board were one of the first to make families aware of the controversial show.

The memo released stated, “It has graphic content related to suicide, glamorization of suicidal behavior, and negative portrayals of helping professionals, which may prevent the youth from seeking help.”

Taking an 180 turn from the countless letters sent home regarding the issue, other parties have applauded the show for portraying braveness in tackling such complex issues, as well as being necessary to educate others on serious topics which could help give insight on such conversations, instead of glorifying the actions.

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