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‘Alt-Right’ Group Protects Confederate Statue

Disclaimer: This article does not mean to overshadow people of color in any way whatsoever. I am not pretending to know anything about their struggles. The intent of this article is simply to shine light on my outrage for the blatant racism which is still alive and well in this country.

Recently in the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, there has been a bit of a conflict involving the removal of old Confederate statues.

In this town there is a statue of the old Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. The town was planning to sell this statue, but “alt-right” individuals were outraged by the potential removal of the statue. These so-called “alt-right” individuals decided to hold a protest of the removal. They did so by surrounding the statue holding torches, which is quite comparable to actions the KKK has taken in the past during their rallies, an example will be placed below.

This is a photo of a KKK rally, where people are holding torches. 

They also chanted things like “Russia is our friend” and “We will not be replaced.” Videos of this buffoonery can be found on Twitter as well as AOL news.

The actions of these people, without a doubt, are fueled only by the blatant racism that still rests in their minds. To them they are preserving their heritage, but let’s remember that the their “heritage” involves the beliefs of the Confederacy.

I ask anyone who may read this article to remember why the Confederacy wanted to secede from the United States in the first place, because they wanted to own and abuse people of color. This is fact and there is no way around it.

Just like the KKK, these people who are trying to protect their racist history are trying to instill fear into other people. Why else would they have shown up with torches?

The removal of confederate relics is important to the progression of this country. Allowing what our racist ancestors built to remain is allowing the beliefs of hatred and violence lie casually within the minds of people of this time. People of this time are already racist enough without being validated by confederate pride.

It is time that this country lets go of confederate (racist) pride. It has been time, it always will be time.

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