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Dear Straight Women, You’re Still Straight

As the feminist movement has gained traction in the last five or six years, one of the major ideals of the mainstream feminist movement has been sexual freedom. This is mostly targeted towards woman seeing as society already caters to and rewards cis-het men who are open about their sexualities and sex lives. This wave of sexual liberation for women is, of course, has good intentions, but it has its flaws.

This movement of encouraging sexual freedom in women is mainly targeted towards cis-het women. It is not an unusual trend that lesbians, bisexual, pansexual women and trans women are left out of the conversation of sex. The identities stated above are often completely ignored, not just in feminist discussions of sex, but they are fetishized to no end, and not just by cis-het men.

It has become a common trend of seeing articles saying that gay bars are safe havens for straight women. This is a very offensive and highly incorrect statement to make about gay bars. People in the LGBT community need their safe spaces now more than ever to be clear of people who could pose a potential threat to them, especially in the as the one year anniversary of the Pulse shooting is around the corner. By allowing straight women to think that gay bars cater to them, it creates an unsafe environment for the LGBT people who use gay bars as a safe space from cis-het people.

Straight women believe that just because they are women, that absolves them of any wrong doings that they can commit against people of marginalized sexualities. They go to gay clubs for bachelorette parties, treat gay men and their culture like a spectacle for their enjoyment, but cringe at the thought of a lesbian or bisexual woman flirting with them. They claim equality for all women, but don’t speak up when trans women of color are murdered at alarming rates and chant “this pussy grabs back” which reinforces the idea that all women have vaginas.

Cis-het women are just as cisgender and heterosexual as cis-het men, and they need to remember that. Yes, they still face struggles in this world that need to be addressed, but that is no excuse for them to ignore the privileges they have over their non-cis-het peers.

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