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Never Feel Ashamed of Your Acne or Blemishes

I have struggled with severe acne since I was in the seventh grade. That’s also when I started wearing makeup, which I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, so that could be part of the reason my acne got so bad. I am now eighteen years old, and I’m still struggling with acne. Now, however, I actually know what I’m doing when it comes to makeup I’ve done so many things to try and get rid of this terrible acne, and nothing has worked.

I clean my makeup brushes every other week, and I clean my beauty blender even more than that. I wash my face every morning, and I always wash my makeup off when I get home. I tried multiple creams and cleansers, but some of them just made me break out even more! I stopped drinking soda all together and now all I drink is water and sometimes juice and milk. I started eating healthier and even tried to cut chocolate out of my diet, (this only lasted for a week). But still, none of these things have helped me.

Eventually, I went to the doctor and was told there may be bacteria still in my system that washing my face can’t get rid of, so I take a pill and use a special cream. Slowly, my face has started to clear up. I’ve wanted clear skin for so long and I’m finally starting to get it, but recently I started thinking about why I wanted clear skin so much. When I really thought about it, I discovered why I couldn’t leave my house without at least a little makeup on. I was so ashamed of my bad skin when I really shouldn’t have been.

I was so afraid of what someone else would say if I didn’t wear makeup that I took drastic measures to make sure I had clear skin. I’ve finally started to build up my confidence. I’ve stopped wearing makeup on most days, and I feel a lot better about myself. The point I’m trying to make is to never feel ashamed of who you are, and certainly don’t worry about what someone else is going to think about you! I’ve let other peoples’ opinions dictate a lot of things in my life, and I know living like that is terrible, so try to embrace who you are and become more confident in yourself!

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