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How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

A lot of us and probably most of us look forward to summer break after a stressful school year and thankfully for most people this is a soon to be reality or it may already be a reality for you if you’ve already finished school for the year. Whatever the case may be, we all tend to use summer for two main things: Sleep and Tv shows. Although these two things are super fun, they are also things that you shouldn’t spend your whole summer doing.  Before we know it, summer will be done and we’re gonna look back on it and realize that we didn’t do much with it. So, if you want both a productive and relaxing summer here are some things you should try to make the most out of it:

1. Volunteer or get a part-time job

Although a lot of us want to spend our whole summer indoors sleeping and playing video games, it’s also important to balance it out with some real life work. Any experience is good experience, whether it’s working retail or writing for an online magazine, all types of work look good on a resume.

2. Be a tourist in your own town

If you aren’t planning on going anywhere for vacation, you can still always plan a touristy day right at home. Even if this is a city that you grew up in, there’s probably loads of areas that you either haven’t been to in a while or haven’t been to at all. Either go by yourself or with a group of friends and see what your hometown has to offer.

4. Learn something new

During the school year, we always talk about how we want to do this or that but can’t find the time because of school. Now that school is done, we have the opportunity to do the things that we’ve wanted to try all year whether it’s to learn how to drive, how to knit or how to cook, this is your chance to learn it now.

5. Go do something you enjoy alone

A lot of us think of summer as something that constantly needs to be celebrated with friends and although hanging out with friends is a fun thing to do, it’s also important to do things alone once in a while. Doing things alone gives us the chance to reflect, enjoy our own company, and it also allows us to do more things that we enjoy such as going on hikes, going to the library or simply going to a coffee shop alone to read a new book.

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