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New Healthcare Bill: When Will The False Healthcare Promises End?

Though the Trump administration has been notorious for feeding conflicting narratives and contradictory “alternative facts” to the public, the twisted tales that they have spun out in support of the new healthcare bill take the cake.

The main point that Republicans, such as Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, have been using to support the controverted plan relies on the claim that under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) millions of Americans were left uninsured. While that is true, as 28.2 million did not have insurance under the previous administration, the new healthcare bill has been presented as “relief” to this problem when in reality, it is the exact opposite.

Under Trump’s healthcare proposal, the number of Americans without health insurance would increase 22 million. While the 28.2 million uninsured Americans would no longer face penalties for opting out of the program, the world “relief” as used by the Trump administration gave the appearance of a solution to the American people when the proposed plan would actually present more problems to the healthcare system.

Along with this, Republicans have directly distorted crucial facts about this policy on multiple occasions. For example, the Trump administration informed the public that the new plan would not cut Medicaid despite the fact that it, indeed, would. The plan was also advertised to reduce premiums, when it fails to live up to that promise as well.

Despite the fact that the Trump administration claims to want to remedy the United States’ healthcare system, their new plan excludes a major portion of the population from receiving healthcare in its refusal to expand off of or improve the existing system.

While the United States did need a healthcare reform, this is not it. We need progress, not restrictions and a constant stream of lies to cover them up.


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