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Where To Find Cheaper Dorm Supplies

I hate to be that person, but summer is just about half way over. It’s almost time for all those back to school commercials we all hate to see make their return Soon we’re going to be heading to the mall and the local Wal-Mart for back to school supplies. This year, I’ll have to pick up more than just the regular few pairs of jeans, shoes, and binders. I am about to be a freshman at Radford University in Virginia. I’m sure you all know that college is wildly expensive, so this year while I’m scouring for deals on notebooks, pencils, and binders, I’ll also be looking for stuff I will need in a dorm room.

As I mentioned before, college is incredibly expensive, so you’re already paying tons of money for tuition, books, to live in their tiny, crappy dorms, a parking pass if you’re planning on driving, and a meal plan, but that’s not enough for them. Radford, and I think all universities do this as well, has a whole online store where they try to get you to spend even more money on dorm packages that contain only a few dorm supplies. You’ll get sheets, a comforter, and some towels, so even after buying that, you’ll still have other things to get. So i’m going to do my best to help you to find some cheap things for your dorm and mine!

Target and Wal-Mart both carry the sheets that you’ll need for a dorm bed. The dorm beds typically aren’t a regular bed size, so while shopping for sheet you need to look for ones with the ‘Twin XL’ label on them. You can also find bed comforters in both of these stores for a rather cheap prices Target and Wal-Mart will also have plenty of towels you can choose from, and maybe even robes and other things. I also live very close to a Dollar General. The Dollar General carries some lamps, and some really cute decorative pillows! The Dollar General or Dollar Tree also has all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to make those dorm rooms livable!

Bed bath and beyond is also a wonderful place to shop! They also have sheets compatible with the dorm beds, and dorm appropriate cookware! They have silverware, coffee makers, mattress pads, pillows, bath towels, and all kinds of laundry things, like laundry baskets small enough to fit in your car to take back home! They’ll also have air humidifiers if you need. TJ Maxx is also another food place to shop. I found an extremely cheap shower cady there, and I know that place has a ton of little things you can buy to decorate with!

Growing up and going to college is super duper expensive, but maybe this will help you out a little. I hope you can manage to find some great deals and get all your dorm supplies for a rather cheap price!

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