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Trump’s Final Warning For North Korea

The recent press conference with President Moon Jae-In and President Trump brings about many political implications for North Korea’s nuclear program.

The South Korean president and Trump may have slightly different nuances and insights into the issue at hand. Moon Jae-In emphasized the renewed need for strong security measures in order to resolve the tension between the Asian countries and added that South Korea would continue to engage Pyongyang on more diplomatic talks and dialogue.

Trump, however, made it clear that he was no longer going to patiently wait for North Korea to renounce its nuclear program and that “the era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed.” Trump warns North Korea’s government to choose a better option fast because he was tired of a regime that expressed constant indifference to human rights and dignity. Trump wants more of a determined response in order to resolve the tension and illustrates his intensifying impatience by announcing sanctions on a Chinese bank that was accused of supplying North Korea with money. Though this action gained stronger opposition and furious outburst from China, Trump justified the sanctions by directing it not on China but on the entity that funded the Kim Jong Un regime. President Trump continues to push China for tougher measures on North Korea though he reckons that the measures sought weren’t as effective as expected.

Despite the different nuances in strategy, both South Korea and the United State expressed their mutual support and alliance with President Trump saying, Together we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime.” The United States is working closely with South Korea to protect its allies and its own citizens from the ongoing threat of North Korea. Especially in the times of such tense and antagonistic conflict, cooperation among the nations is pivotal but the effects of these political strategies are still unknown to the rest of the international community. Time is ticking, North Korea. 

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