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We Must Stand Up Against Kekistan

Anyone who discusses politics or social justice on social media must have come across an account with Pepe the frog as their icon, or the word “kek” or “Kekistan” at some point. This often leads to confusion as to what these people are trying to achieve, but as Roaming Millennial says, “Kekistan is actually not a joke, it is a serious, ongoing human rights issue.” Kekistan must not be taken lightly, because they are threatening the rights of many, and here’s how.

First of all, Kekistanis worship Pepe the frog. The once innocent cartoon meme has been hijacked to become a symbol of white supremacy, the alt-right and Neo-Nazism. If they can hijack memes, it begs the question as to what else they can hijack. The government? That sounds absurd at first, but then you realise that Kekistanis also overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, who embraces white supremacy, the alt-right and Neo-Nazism with no shame. Despite the fact that Kekistan is not internationally recognised as a country, that does not diminish their power, and ability to completely ruin an already deeply divided country.

Kekistanis have been notorious for harassing people online, but specifically left-wingers, women, people of colour and LGBT+ people. Their values greatly differ from us decent American people, and they are ruthless in their pursuit of power, overthrowing democracy and targeting many millennials’ mental health, damaging them psychologically or mentally.

The invasion of the Kekistanis prove it too late to build a wall to keep out fascism, and frighten many, admittedly including myself. However, we must hide our fears and stand up against Kekistan, and if that involves violence in order to keep ourselves safe, then so be it. Everyone: Antifa, Black lives matter, feminists or even if you are an apolitical person who believes in basic humanity, we must unite in order to fight hate. We must unite in order to fight Kekistan. If we are snowflakes, then the weather forecast suggests a brutal snow blizzard in Kekistan very, very soon.

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