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Did You Forget About Flint?

Mari Copeny, reigning Little Miss Flint and Youth Ambassador for the Women’s March, took to Twitter on July 26 to remind the world that it has been 1,1888 days or approximately 3.2 years since Flint residents had access to clean, safe water.

Another Twitter user also utilized the social media platform’s capabilities to send a message about the Flint Water Crisis to the world.

It is no head scratcher why a city where nearly 56.6% of its residents identify as African-American, approximately 41.2% of its residents live below the poverty line, and the average household income stands at $24,862 according to the US Census Bureau is not at the top of the U.S. government’s priority list. People of color and the economically disadvantaged have never been afforded the same levels of dignity or respect that their white and wealthy counterparts have been and continue to be afforded.

The Flint Water Crisis and the advocacy work of Mari Copeny and others appalled by this attack on Flint residents’ right to clean water drew a lot of attention from the news media as well as social media users towards the end of 2015 and for much of 2016. Unfortunately, as 2017 has progressed it’s a subject that has been given less and less airtime and afforded less and less space in online discourse. While it is understandable that the Muslim Ban (1.0 and 2.0), the retraction of protections for trans+ students, the pervasive attack on reproductive rights, and this latest healthcare vote are dominating many of our discussions, I firmly believe that this movement is more than capable of achieving balance. Please do not let Flint, Michigan slip through the cracks.

To support the residents of Flint, Michigan, please click here for information about donations and volunteer opportunities.  Additionally, Mari Copeny has launched the #PackYourBackChallenge in effort to get Flint kids the supplies they will need to succeed in their educational endeavors this fall.

To support Little Miss Flint’s latest initiative, please click the #PackYourBackChallenge Amazon Wish List and please purchase items in accordance to the expressed need.

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