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How To Help the Victims in Charlottesville

If you’ve been watching the news or been on any social media accounts in the past 24 hours then you are probably aware of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Yesterday afternoon, James Alex Fields intentionally drove into a crowd of pedestrians after violence erupted between white nationalists and counter-protestors. This incident left 19 people injured and one person dead.

If yesterday’s events have made you feel furious, upset or even hopeless then here are some ways in which you can help the victims in Charlottesville right now.

1. You can donate to fund the medical bills of those have been injured in the counter protests

A Go Fund Me campaign began last night to ask for donations to help those who were injured in Charlottesville. The campaign has raised over $100,000 thus far. If you want to help then you can donate here. 

2. Donate To C-Ville Victim Relief 

Another Go Fund Me page was created by a group called Unity C-Ville which is a group of Charlottesville community members who are also raising funds to help those who were injured in the attack. You can help them here. 

3.  You can donate to the Black Lives Matter branch in Charlottesville here.

4. You can donate to the Charlottesville solidarity legal fund

The Charlottesville Solidarity legal fund is a resource that is used to help all anti-racist activists in the ongoing struggle to end white supremacy in Charlottesville. If you’re interested in helping then you can donate here.

5. Attend a vigil 

If you do not have any to money donate but still want to show your support then you can attend a vigil taking place in your community. Heres how to find a vigil near you.

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