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College Discounts For The Broke College Student

College can be really expensive. Most of us college students fit the “broke college student” stereotype.

With high tuition and pricey textbooks, we need all the discounts that we can get. Lucky for us, many companies understand how tough it is to be a student and they’re nice enough to provide us with discounts.

Now, instead of having to spend a ton of time searching on Google here’s a list of some places that you can get a discount on by either providing your college email or showing proof of your student ID.

1) Amazon

You can get a six-month free trial on Amazon Prime which provides you with free two-day or same day shipping. After your trial ends, you can get Amazon Prime for 50% off.

2) Spotify 

Sign up for Spotify Student and get half off on the premium subscription which includes zero advertisements, free downloads, and the ability to choose the music you want to listen to whenever and wherever you want.

3) Apple 

Apple has educational prices for both students and teachers. You can also get a free pair of Beats Wireless headphones with your purchase.

4) Topshop

Recieve 10% off your purchase both in store and online.


You can receive 10% off your purchase when shopping online.


Get 10% off your purchase when you buy a pair of Toms. For every pair you buy they also donate one to a child in need.

7) Levi’s

Recieve 15% off when you purchase something from them online.

8) Urban Outfitters

Get 10% off your purchase when purchasing online.

9) Banana Republic 

Take 15% off your purchase when buying in-store.

So, if you ever feel like going on a not-so-needed shopping spree try using these discounts so that you don’t feel as guilty when you look at your bank account right after you splurge.


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