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What Do We Do About a Potential End to DACA? #DefendDACA

Politico reported Sunday that, according to two sources familiar to President Donald Trump, Trump has decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) with a six month delay to give Congress time to act.

Trump has apparently wrestled with the decision for months because of bipartisan support for the program. Now, with the urging of Attourney General Jeff Sessions, Trump has been convinced that the program (created by Barack Obama after Congress had failed to create immigration reform) should be in the hands of the legislative, rather than executive branch. The six month window is meant to give Congress time to act to save the program if it so chooses.

Approximately 800,000 immigrants are currently benefitting from the program, which provides two year windows of protection and possibility for a work permit. The first thing we can do is understand and inform. One activist, Ciriac Alvarez, posted several tweets clearing up misinformation about the program:

Secondly, if you are undocumented or protected by DACA, do not panic. Here is some critical information.

Lastly, DREAMers, immigrant activist groups, progressives, and all those with empathy for individuals who are at risk (despite being just as American as any of us) band together and prepare to fight like hell to save the program. In the next few months, organization, unity, and activism will be more important than ever. Join immigrant activist groups in your state or community. Attend protests. And, most importantly, contact your representative and let them know why this issue is important to you. Text DefendDACA to 877877 to find your representative to call.

Additionally, talk about DACA and why it is important to you and hundreds of thousands of Americans. Talk about it on social media, in conversation, and with people who may not understand or care about the decision. The more that others recognize how damaging Trump’s decisions are, the less likely he will be reelected for a second term.

With Hurricane Harvey and many of Trump’s recent decisions and statements made out of transphobia, racism, xenophobia, and more; it is easy to be overwhelmed and exhausted. But we will continue to resist when we stay angry and active.

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