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Reverse Racism: White America’s Favorite Bedtime Story

Recently, NPR published the results of a poll they conducted, which shows a considerable number of white Americans believe they face discrimination. One of the participants who voted in the poll, cited his anger as ‘blacks’ always getting the first opportunity at a job over white Americans.

Poll results from NPR research – Poll via NPR

White Americans believe their entitlement to everything not being catered to translates to a means of discrimination. That their centuries of “oppression” and “ostracism” from society has been at the hands of their eternal foe: the black man.

The problem here is what they define discrimination to be. A lot of white Americans who claim to have faced discrimination, attribute their experiences to black people in the most absurd manner possible. Not getting a job because you lack the necessary qualifications, and a black person receiving the job because they managed to obtain said qualification within an education system which is already aligned to their disadvantage, is not discrimination.

There is no such thing as reverse racism. For it to exist, black people would need to have the institutional power to oppress white people, serve half a 6-month sentence for sexual assault, and make documentaries entitled ‘Stoned Moms’ as a white man serves a life-sentence for an ounce of weed.

Image result for brock turner sentence
The rapist, Brock Turner – Image via TheInfluence

White people will never be able to understand racism, because they will never experience it. It is that simple. Trying to establish a link between their shortcomings, and the epoch of suffering unique to black people is both comical and disrespectful. I can’t imagine anything worse than a black man being employed over you, besides one or two of his ancestors being hung from a tree, and having a postcard made out of it.

Reverse Racism is about as real as Charlie Charlie. It is nothing more than a fabricated term which white people have made, so they can avoid any discussion on race because they fear they may finally be called out for that one time they said the N-word when a Hov song came on.

White people, get a grip

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