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Katie Hopkins Tells Women to Quit #MeToo and “Man the F*ck Up”

Whenever Katie Hopkins is mentioned in the news, it’s never for a good cause. Hopkins tends to speak about issues she has no real knowledge of which leaves her looking ignorant. It’s no surprise that she decided to comment on the online movement started with the hashtag, #MeToo’ and give her opinion on it. An opinion, no one asked for.

The online movement #MeToo was started in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. Activist, and actress, Alyssa Milano shared a tweet encouraging people to reply to it with, “Me Too” if they had ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. Tens of thousands of people responded in just 12 hours, including “Me too” responses from Will and Grace star Debra Messing and Oscar-winner Anna Paquin.

A little over a week after Milano had tweeted this, she later shared how her one tweet had brought together 1.7 million voices which have definitely increased since then.

The movement itself is very empowering and it is an act of bravery from every single person who is coming forward and sharing their stories or just replying with, “Me Too”.

As in a Katie Hopkins fashion, she decided to “grace” us with more of her opinions on this issue and on the 29th of October, Hopkins tweeted out:

It truly amazes me, as well as millions of other Twitter users why Hopkins hasn’t been suspended and still has a platform to put forward such thoughts and ideas. It’s even more baffling to see the hundreds of thousands of people that agree with her. Hopkins tells women to ‘Man the fuck up’ and stop with the ‘#MeToo crap’.  Does she not understand what this online movement is for? Hopkins is telling the hundreds of thousands to millions of brave individuals who have shared their story and how we are all coming together to shed a light on sexual harassment and assault, to stop with the crap.  This online movement aims to give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem at hand. It seems as though Hopkins has completely missed the point of it all when she decided to tell women to stop with their crap and to fight back when women are, in fact, fighting back with #Metoo.

It’s easier said than done Katie.

This is certainly not the first time nor will it be the last time Hopkins will say such a comment but I believe and I’m sure millions of others too believe that she shouldn’t be given a platform to spread her thoughts and opinions especially when they’re harmful. For the hundreds of thousands of people who shared their stories, it took a lot of bravery and courage to come out with their stories and for Hopkins to make such comments is sickening.

Photo: Channel 5

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