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A Hope For Pakistan: Prime Minister Khan Addresses Nation

On the 17th of August 2018, Imran Khan was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Last night, Imran Khan addressed the nation as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time, passing an hour-long across-the-board, televisual speech. To the rear of a recitation from the Holy Quran and the playing of the national anthem, the Prime Minister inaugurated his address by thanking his supporters who stood beside him throughout his 22 years of political struggle.

He declared coast-to-coast amendments and emphasised rigour measures, equality for all, bettering the education system, safeguarding Pakistan’s resources and their redistribution from the rich to the disadvantaged, exports enhancements, reforming of FBR, assembling of a taskforce that will obtain the money laundered wealth back to Pakistan and another that will find techniques to drive down expenditures in all departments, the necessity to report corruption, the economic, social, and environmental challenges that they would need to tackle before bringing Pakistan back on the right track.

He presented the nation with the history of expenditures that is taken home by Prime Ministers, which includes 524 servants and 80 bullet-proof cars. Out of which, Khan agrees to only use 2 cars and raise the rest up for auction.

On the word of the Prime Minister, they have historically had a massive PM House, Governor houses and every conceivable luxury. Khan will not be residing there but instead will spending time in a three-bedroom house, and promises to renovate the PM and Governor Houses into universities or research centres.

In addition, Khan pledges to generate special offices to help foreign investors and a separate ministry for solving water crisis issues, alongside the construction of Bhasha Dam. Many jobs will be brought in, along with the plantation of more than a billion of trees, extinction of contamination and garbage, aid to farmers in agriculture. Along with this, street children, minorities, widows and handicapped will be facilitated, with the eradication of malnourishment and reduction of maternal mortality will be taken care of particularly.

Prime Minister Khan emphasised his concentration on the extermination of child sex abuse. He aims to reform transport, law and order, judicial, jail and police systems, and cases that used to persist for years and years to be decided within a year.

Khan has also stressed that his vision is based on the principles and moral of his role model Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, and recapped many of his campaign pledges in detail, including crucial issues rarely remarked on or targeted by Pakistani Prime Ministers such as fighting child sex abuse, human development in the rapidly growing country, and global warming.

During the course of his address, Prime Minister Khan concentrated on summoning up the people of Pakistan to help him rise above these defies and transform Pakistan into a welfare state together. Many said that his speech was so humble and frank but eloquent, with a tone so fatherly that they felt as if he were speaking one-on-one with them. Khan was well-defined and austere, with his words inspiring the country. He spoke of a need to change the direction of the country and frame of mind, and to reflect on the children whose parents cannot afford to send them fo school because of poverty, as the country would only continue to proceed towards catastrophe.

Khan said that it was his vision that there would come a day where no one would need to take Zakat (the compulsory giving of a set proportion of one’s wealth to charity in Islam) in the country. “This can be accomplished if we move towards nation building. The vision I have, where Pakistan will be the country that will help other countries in need, it may go beyond my lifetime, but this is my dream for Pakistan.”

Some of the key points of Prime Minster Imran Khan’s address to the nation were:

  • System of government will be amended. It will be de-politicised.
  • Pakistani Embassies abroad will produce accommodations for overseas Pakistanis, especially for those who are in foreign jails wrongly.
  • Whistle Blower act will be passed and the Whistle Blowers will get 20% of the money recovered, which will help combat corruption and money laundering.
  • Health cards will be issued to the poor, so that they can get free treatment up to 500,00 rupees ($500).
  • New local election system will be established. Mayor will be selected diametrically by the votes of people. Assets will be provided to local government.
  • Over 500,000 houses will be constructed for the poor.
  • Interest free loads will be granted to the younger generation.
  • Tourism will be encouraged by opening four new resorts every year. Beaches will be advanced.
  • Balochistan will receive special focus for enhancement.
  • South Punjab will be made a province.

Khan drove home some relevant points in his speech last night, but the line that won the hearts and consoled the minds of many was “Aap ne ghabrana nahi hai” (You must not worry). A Prime Minister telling this to the nation revitalises hope, reassures responsibility and promotes faith.

Pakistanis only want what is best for Pakistan. To them, Imran Khan is the only hope they can hold onto right now. At the same time, they do not want to be blind supporters who become oblivious to his failures. They will judge him over his decisions and actions before statements. They will disagree with him where he may be wrong and do it to the best of their understanding and capabilities. They will hold him accountable if he fails to live up to his projected vision.

Despite the fact that Khan may endeavour to patch up the country’s upper and lower system, as citizens of this country, it is also our national duty and right as much as it is his to abide by the laws, be just in our rulings and accountable for our actions and words, not litter or pollute, and play our part with pure honesty and dignity.

Granted, actions speak louder than words but last night, Prime Minister Khan birthed hope in a country that has suffered decades and decades of despair, and that is nothing short of a miracle.

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