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These Are the Back-To-School Products You Need

As the school year approaches, I start to think about ways to get organized. As someone who is super into organization, I love shopping for school supplies. New gel pencils, colorful agendas and stacked notebooks ready to take all my notes are essential to acing all my test this year. School can be tough, but the cuter my supplies are, the more I am motivated. With so many options in school supplies, I honestly always feel so overwhelmed, and I know you do too. But I’m here to help you with your search and help you find which products will work best for you this school year. Post-it® Brand has a variety of colorful and useful products and I am so excited because they will help me get me super organized this year. Who doesn’t love colorful Post-it® Notes? But wait it gets betters.

Post-it® Pop-up Note Vertical Dispenser

Now, when I first saw this product I thought it was a speaker. Honestly, the look itself makes it so aesthetically pleasing. The Post-it® Pop-up Note Vertical Dispenser is best used for when you’re studying all night and have a ton of notes to write. You can write small blurbs in these note cards and color-code it throughout your notebook. There is even space at the top for your pens and pencils. The sky’s the limit in terms of color because it comes in black, grey, and white with gold.

This is definitely for those who work a lot at their desk, and this is a great way to store your Post-it® Notes. If you carry this with you to school, the attention will be definitely on you as everyone asks you to use one of the colorful notes. It is very useful when writing notes in class as well. $9.99 

Post-it® Steel Top Pop-up Note Dispenser

This Post-it® Note Dispenser is flat and allows for easy access for when you need to quickly write down a note. $9.99

Post-it® Emoji Notes

The creative and playful side of me love these notes. I used the Post-it® Emoji Notes to decorate all over my notebook. It’s like the Emojis on your phone have come to life. These Post-it® Emoji Notes make remembering your class’ content fun and playful. You can put these all over your locker or notebook as reminders or you can leave funny notes for your friends to find. Post-it® Emoji Notes are guaranteed to make your school year that much more fun. $2.99

 Post-it® Fresh & Sweet Notes

Excited to see your crush after the long break? The Post-it® Fresh & Sweet Notes will definitely get their attention – they really are sweet. Aside from impressing a possible crush, these are just downright adorable and cute reminders you can post all over your notebook or locker, similar to the Post-it®Emoji Notes but way more summery! $2.99


Post-it® Super Sticky Full Stick Notes Weekly Wall Calendar

When I saw this calendar, I literally screamed because I love calendars and agendas! This colorful calendar makes it actually a lot of fun to keep track of events and keep your life organized. You’re able to keep track of everyone’s schedule all in one place and accompanied with colorful Post-it® Notes so you don’t get confused. It comes with 2 x 2 in Post-it® Full Stick Notes that fit perfectly inside the daily spots. Instead of the traditional calendar or journal where you have to write it in, with this calendar if something comes up, you can easily just move the note or put on a new one. No more scratching out a date or whiting out. The Post-it® Super Sticky Full Stick Notes Weekly Calendar definitely solves this problem. If you have a full plate with sports, a social life and clubs, this will be a total life saver. $12.99

Post-it® Flags

Ever been studying and you can not remember what exact page you put the notes from History? These flags will allow you to easily leave a bookmark on important pages you need so you can easily flip back or there’s a specific page you wanted to show your friends, the Post-it® Flags make it so easy! One time I was reading this really good book and one page stood out to me, but sadly I did not have the Post-it® Flag to bookmark it and wasn’t able to remember here it was! This works great to annotate a bunch of pages for English class. The neon color make the Post-it® Flags stand out so much so they are hard to miss. As an additional bonus, Post-it® Flags come off cleaning, with no sticky mess on the pages of rented books. . $4.99


Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Didn’t get to go to a cool destination this summer? Post-it® Super Sticky Notes will make you feel like you did! The Post-it® Super Sticky Notes World of Color Collection has an array of bright colors that is inspired by global destinations like Marrakesh and Rio de Janeiro. It will make you feel like you did go to those places and if your friends ask, just say you did. It comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you have a lot to say or just want to say hi, there’s a size for everything. $4.99


Post-it® Extreme XL Notes

If you’re going somewhere with extreme conditions or need to stick a reminder on a tough surface, Post-it® Extreme XL Notes are perfect for you. They stick to bricks, wood, cement and more and in conditions such as hot and cold temperatures. They are great for meal prepping or writing down recipes in the kitchen because once you stick to a surface, they will stay–even if they get wet! The possibilities are endless. $6.99


So which ones will you be getting for this school year?


This post is sponsored by Post-it® Brand but all opinions are entirely my own.

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