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Top 10 Social Marketing Trends in 2020

The digital landscape continues to evolve with each passing day. A few years ago, having a company website was a marketing trend. Today, online marketing trends are making the news every other day as they help companies grow their influence. Keep reading to grasp the top ten social marketing trends in 2020.  Sites such as joker123 do have a good social marketing campaign as well.

Instagram without Likes

Talks of how social media platforms impact mental health are ongoing. There are numerous suggestions put forth to help alleviate the impact of social media platforms on users’ mental health. One such suggestion is the removal of likes on Instagram. This move or the soon to be insta trend will impact how people react and respond to posts. 

 Without likes, users will have to focus on the content they post. One’s popularity will matter less. It is the quality of one’s content that will matter. And how best to enhance the quality of your content than to use experts from CustomEssayOrder. These experts will guarantee you quality content that will ensure visitors frequent your page. 


Nothing on social media is as engaging as video content. People and businesses are tapping into this revelation through platforms like Tiktok. Tiktok offers users the pleasure of enjoying short videos. Today, people do not want to watch long videos or spend a lot of time looking for information. The answer could be Tiktok and its short clips.  

As digital marketing trends are adopting incredible ideas, video content is gaining in popularity. So, soon, videos and platforms like Tiktok will be dominant forces in the social media era. The expectation is that Tiktok will continue to grow and increase its reach all over the world. 

Augmented Reality

Every day, people are looking for more engaging experiences on social media. People want to have fun and interact with whichever platform they are using. Platforms offering a two-dimensional experience have to make the switch and consider enhancing their user experience. One way social media platforms are doing this is through augmented reality. 

The use of augmented reality is a digital media trend that takes things to the next level. This technological marvel offers an interactive experience by overlaying digital content onto the real world. So, one can interact with digital content as though it is real. Social media users should expect an experience like no other. 

Niche Social Platforms

A platform like Facebook attracts people from different age brackets and with different interests. But, there are platforms that attract people with similar interests. We call these niche social platforms. 

Niche platforms focus on a particular crowd. This crowd shares characteristics and interests. For example, Tiktok focuses on young people. Today, Tiktok is making a name for itself as the biggest trend in online marketing among the youth. But, it is not the only platform that is niche-specific. Twitch, for example, targets the gaming world. Everyone who enjoys gaming will make use of twitch. As such crowds and communities grow, more niche-specific platforms will arise. So, expect the popularity of such platforms to skyrocket. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook continues to attract admiration and contempt in equal measure. Those who hate it want nothing to do with it, and those who love it sing its praises. Also, numerous privacy issues continue to suspend a cloud of doubt over its users. However, the platform still stands with its billions of users, many of whom like to shop and request for services. 

Facebook Ads, therefore, are still quite popular. Companies and platforms offering services like Write My Essay still use it to attract more clients. So, if you need essay writing services, use your Facebook profile to find this platform and place your order. 

Chatbots in Customer Service

How best can you personalize customer service than by using chatbots? Companies all over the world are trying their best to enhance their efforts to win more clients. One way to do this is by always being present for their clients. But what happens when a company does not have enough money to hire a customer service agent? Well, use chatbots. Chatbots use AI to respond to clients’ messages, offer recommendations, and gather information about clients. Well, this is one trend in marketing that will help companies save money instead of having a customer service desk. 

Less Video Content

Less video content is not an option in the current world. Any individual or business that wants to capture the world must use more video content. As more people acquire smartphones, the consumption of video content continues to rise. The phasing out of content that centers on text continues. 

Tiktok, for example, continues to garner more interest around the world. This means that more people are having fun with the platform, and this is because of its video content. So, any 2020 marketing trend list must involve video marketing. As 2021 nears, companies should prepare to make use of the power of video and reduce their text-based content. 

Personalized Email

Even though social media platforms are taking over the world, billions still communicate via mail. This means that email will be here for eons. But how best can individuals and companies make use of emails to enhance their marketing endeavors? Well, how about personalized emails. Personalized emails aim to make emails effective in meeting whichever goal one intends. 

These emails try to stir action from the side of the recipient. It could be a click to a website or browsing a product. Regardless of the action, such emails are quite effective. 

Interactive Content Will Not Disappear

Interactive content will not disappear any time soon. 

First of all, interactive content is any content that users can interact with while browsing. This content expects you to click on it, swipe, or do anything that it prompts you to do. Such content is quite effective, and one of the latest marketing trends today. Users are evolving, and content creators have to be more creative if they want to attract more users. 

Voice Interaction

Voice interaction continues to increase in popularity. People are using their devices for various things, including asking for shopping ideas and searching for products. Voice interaction is a fun and interactive way of using one’s device. 

Even though voice interaction limits you in terms of the answers it gives, Siri and Alexa make life a little easier. If a student is unsure about essay writing platforms, one can, for example, ask Siri whether buying essays online is safe. Siri will do its best to deliver the best answer possible and thus lead to the alleviation of one’s fears. 

In conclusion, as technology pushes the world to greater levels of convenience and effectiveness, every aspect improves. Marketing, for example, continues to experience immense growth. In a few years, new trends will be in the offing, and everyone has to prepare for the inevitable.

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