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Nobel Peace Prize 2021 FAQ: Nominees, Date and Previous Winners

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious and perhaps bestowed honors an individual can possibly win, with hundreds of candidates to have been nominated for the 2021 award.

The award is just one of the five that are awarded to individuals on a yearly basis, with awards going to those who have managed to make a difference within other categories that include Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine and Literature.

The Peace Prize has been awarded almost every single year since 1901 and is typically awarded to those who have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congress.

The most recent recipient was the World Food Programme in 2020 as they looked to help with the ongoing food crisis being suffered in some of the poorest nations around the world.

2021 Nobel Peace Prize Candidates

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize has a total of 329 candidates in the running to be awarded the accolade. This number consists of 234 individuals and 95 organizations, with some of the biggest in the world to have been recognized for their efforts once again, such as the World Health Organization who are amongst the betting favorites to win due to their work in tackling the deadly virus. In addition, those looking at the betting offer at Unibet will also be able to note that Greta Thunberg is also in the running for the award.

Others to have been nominated for the prize include Alexei Navalny, Black Lives Matter, Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, Joe Biden and many, many other influential individuals and groups.

Key dates

There are a number of key dates in regards to the 2021 edition of the Nobel Peace Prize Award, with the first having been at the start of the year. The nomination process had concluded on January 31, 2021, therefore allowing the committee panel to have enough time to be able to go through each of the hundreds of candidates to have been selected.

The actual award is not scheduled to be announced until October 8, 2021, and will be announced by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, whilst the actual ceremony will not take place until December 10, 2021, in Oslo.

How is the winner decided?

Once all of the nominations are in, the Nobel Committee will convene at a meeting where a shortlist of candidates is compiled that will then undergo a further review in regards to their credentials for the prize. This shortlist will then go to the permanent advisers to the Nobel institute, who will then create reports. The Committee will then vote, seeking to achieve a unanimous decision, but this is not always possible. 

The prize will then be awarded by the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of the King of Norway on December 10 each year, as this is the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. Each of the prizes is awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, but with the exception of the Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslo.

Previous winners?

There are a number of esteemed winners to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize over the years, with 107 individuals and 28 organizations having been awarded the honor. Of the 107 individuals, 17 of those have been female; the most of any of the Nobel awards. Winners have included Malala Yousafzai (2014), Barack Obama (2009) and World Food Programme (2020).


Only the International Committee of the Red Cross (1917, 1944 and 1963) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (1954 and 1981) have won the award more than once.

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