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Movies Worth Watching

Each of us has his own favorite hobby, someone plays online Blackjack Canada, someone reads books, and someone likes to watch movies. No matter what kind of movie you are looking for – romance, drama, comedy – there are many classic works. If you haven’t seen them yet, now is the perfect time to catch up.


Their Finest

The events of the picture will take us to England in 1940 when it was vital for people tired of war and bombing to somehow raise their spirits. To cope with this task, the Ministry of Information decides to make a patriotic film that will inspire the country. The plot should be based on the story of how the twin sisters, with the help of their father’s boat, rescued a company of soldiers from a German trap. The story is magnificent, we just need to quickly transfer it to the screen before the cinemas are bombed.


Al final del túnel

To pay off his debts, Joaquin, a lonely disabled man, decides to rent one of the rooms of his house to a stripper Bertha with a child. With their arrival, it became a little noisy, but in general, the presence of residents becomes the most striking event for Joaquin in recent years. But, as it turned out, all the most interesting things will be ahead! One day Joaquin finds out that underground behind the walls of his basement, a gang of purposeful robbers is digging a tunnel in the direction of a nearby large bank.


Joaquin is not one of those who, in case of anything, run to call the police. After watching the enthusiasts with the help of simple equipment, and eavesdropping on their conversations, the hero comes up with such an interesting plan that Bertha did not even dream of.


In the Heart of the Sea

The events of the picture will take the viewer to America in 1820, when the whaling ship Essex, under the control of Captain George Pollard Jr., sets out to conquer the seas. The purpose of the trip is to fill two thousand barrels on board with whale oil.



These 3 films are sure to cause you a storm of emotions or a lot of interesting thoughts. This is an invariable classic that everyone should know.

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