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Popularity in Social Networks: What Good & Evil Social Networks Bring to Students

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In today’s digital era, social media networks play a huge role for all, and students are no exception. If you take a look at the statistics, you will see that the majority of social media users are young people attending high school or college. On the one hand, the worldwide web brings them countless opportunities but on the other hand, it carries considerable disadvantages for their growth and development. 

In fact, social networks blur the line between good and evil. Quite often one needs to compromise their values and principles while pursuing popularity on the web. In order not to get lost in the virtual and real-world, students can read excellent good vs evil titles essays that will help them to draw the line between positive and negative aspects of life. Only this way, it’s possible to keep the balance between pros and cons of everything they do. 

Advantages of using social media 

We are living in the era of the Internet/Social media, where the whole world is connected on social platforms regardless of geographic boundaries. Social media is playing a vital role specifically for the students belonging to generation Z and generation Alpha. There are countless benefits of social media for the students who are using this medium productively. 

Social media is a powerful force for e-learning to the students as education now goes beyond the conventional classrooms. By using social media platforms, students can easily enhance their intellectual and cognitive skills. They can do courses from different universities no matter where they are located. 

Students can get immense global exposure by connecting with people anywhere in 

the world. This helps to get knowledge about the culture, traditions, languages and people’s lifestyles in different parts of the world.  

Social media is also a perfect source of expression. Students can tell more about themselves and reach thousands of people around the globe. Social media gives them full freedom to express their emotions, feelings and views regarding anything. In short, young people have confidence and possibility to share what they want via social media. 

Students can also use social media as a marketing tool to promote their products, services, talents and arts. Young people can earn millions of dollars by marketing their businesses and showcasing their skills on, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and many other popular platforms.

Social media also provides employment opportunities to the students. They can apply for different jobs in their city, country, and beyond. So, social media is creating a positive impact on the life of students and giving countless benefits. 

Negative impact on students 

Frequent usage of social media will promote addiction, which could eventually cause it to divert from studies. According to many studies, students who use social media excessively find it hard to concentrate and pay attention during class. Students squander their time posting memes and skimming through their newsfeeds.

Social media indeed helps in building distant friendships. But at the same time, it could negatively affect their relationships with their close ones. Spending more time on social media will leave an adverse impact on their relationship with beloved ones. 

As social media allow others to be anonymous, it’s considered one of the best platforms for cyberbullying. Attackers usually tend to create fake accounts and try their best to demoralize and hurt other people by publishing negative comments on their posts or by tagging them in aggressive posts. It has become so common nowadays to manipulate, harass and defame any person on social media.

Students are exposed to much inappropriate content both unintentionally and intentionally. This includes pornography, murder videos, and other destructive content which might mentally disturb a student. The parents must monitor the activities of their children on social media. 

Lastly, one of the major concerns is the health problems related to excessive social media usage. Students addicted to social media spend day and night without any physical moment. This not only affects their physical well-being but also leads to many mental diseases.  A 2018 British study has linked social media with sleep deprivation. Besides, social media usage with memory loss, depression, and poor academic performance.  


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