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The Top 5 Cities to Visit in Washington State

The State of Washington is, as well as obviously being the central hub for the United States political landscape, a city which has much to offer for both residents and travelers alike. 

So, if you are interested in planning a wonderful and entertaining city break in the next few weeks, months or even years, then continue reading to discover the top five cities to visit whilst you are residing in the State of Washington. 

  • Seattle

When searching the internet and asking your friends and loved ones about fun and entertaining things to do in Seattle, you will undoubtedly find contrasting suggestions and feel as if you simply do not have time to do everything.

Seattle is a fascinating and diverse city, and arguably one of the most impressive cities in the entirety of Washington State. It is certainly true to say that you should plan your trip carefully and make sure you see as much as possible. 

As a rule, there are five top sights in Seattle which you absolutely must experience, which are: The Museum of Flight, Kerry Park, Sky View, Pike Place Market and Chihuly Gardens and Glass. 

  • Tacoma 

Tacoma is a city in Washington State which is south of the great city of Seattle and situated on and around the luscious green banks of the historic Puget Sound.

One of the stand-out and particularly unique talking points and certainly a must-see attraction in the city of Tacoma is the Tacoma Museum of Glass. From live demonstrations of glassblowing to exhibitions where you can create your own magical creations from glass, the museum is as entertaining as it is educational. 

  • Washington DC

Naturally, by far the most well-known city in the whole of the United States, never mind Washington State, is Washington D.C itself, which is internationally recognized and respected for being the location of the American president’s home, The White House.

There is, however, so much more to see and to do in Washington D.C., including the following: 

  • Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is both an island and a city located in Kitsap County, a thriving and natural area of Washington State and is directly connected to the aforementioned Seattle throughout the impressively organized and intricate systems of Washington State Ferries. 

The island is only approximately eight kilometers wide and sixteen kilometers long, although believe it or not, Bainbridge Island is one of the largest islands within the Puget Sound area. 

  • Spokane

Finally, the fifth most impressive city in the whole of Washington State which should also be an absolute must-visit for residents and tourists alike is the city of Spokane. 

Spokane is the smallest city in the state to hold the state fair and one of the most notable residents of Spokane in the history of the city is the mighty and iconic Bing Crosby. To see and experience Spokane properly, you would need a couple of days and if you do decide to add Spokane to your itinerary, be sure to visit Manito Park, Spokane Waterfalls, the Centennial trail and the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. 


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