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Top 5 Travel Bloggers Influencing the Europe Hotel Industry

Europe Hotel Sector to Peak 32.1 Bn by 2024

Europe is the most alluring destination in the world, with the greatest number of foreign travel destinations and a robust domestic tourist rebound. In 2021, almost 460 new hotels debuted in Europe, and in 2023, it’s anticipated that number will rise even more. Due to its dominant position in the worldwide tourism industry, the hospitality industry is one of the major forces behind European tourism, both in terms of employment and direct financial contribution to the economy. The market size of the hotel sector in Europe was projected to be ~ 21.9 billion in 2022. The Covid era was a sharp deterrent, and experts witnessed a massive growth of alternative hobbies and pastimes, most importantly in online casinos and virtual sports betting. Sites such as offered a range of bonuses and freebies, charming players upfront and onboarding them in major numbers. The market will be able to achieve pre-covid levels of approximately 32.1 billion by 2024. The hospitality industry ranks third in terms of socioeconomic activity in Europe behind tourism. 

In recent years, Europe’s hotel industry has benefited from a protracted period of economic growth. But as globalization, digitization, and urbanization progress, the hotel business is undergoing more and more changes. The hotel industry is under increasing pressure to achieve a balance between a destination for leisure and a place of business. Solutions that integrate the digital revolution with the widening range of human needs must also be developed. While traveling you would seek advice from a buddy who is well-versed in the subject and who can tailor it to your own interests and objectives. When spending money on travel, you should only rely on the best recommendations from industry experts. A proficient travel blogger can contribute their expert opinion regarding the good places to visit or stay while one is planning their trip in any corner of the world. So, this article deals with a list of five famous travel bloggers whose blogs have influenced not just our next Europe trip but the Europe hotel industry as well. Industry experts and top psychologists have appraised blogging as a potential medium to vent personal emotions and titillate one’s creative side, helping them with stress, anxiety, and panic issues.

The Best Travel Blogs

Wandering Earl – In the past 20 years, if you’ve taken any interest in the online travel blogging community, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about Wandering Earl. He entered the market in 1999, long before many of us even understood what blogs were or why we ought to use them. To put it another way, it offers you practical guidance and useful tools to enable you to fulfill all of your travel objectives rather than just sharing anecdotes. Anyone looking for a variety of travel materials, from useful tips to crazy stories, should check out Wandering Earl.

Jones Around the World – Dave, who has spent the last ten years leading tours and generally treating the world as his playground, founded “Jones Around the World.” Dave writes in a casual style while providing you with the greatest insider tips on where to stay and what to do, with a concentration on Europe, Asia, and Australia. It’s one of the finest at locating original and unusual tips and hacks that you won’t find elsewhere. He also gives a number of excellent motivational speeches and quotes to get you pumped up for organizing your next vacation.

Expert Vagabond – Expert Vagabond has been blogging about his travels for the last ten years and has a ton of amazing stuff to show for it. He has been featured by major players like Nat Geo, Lonely Planet, and the Travel Channel. He has plenty of advice because he travels both by himself and with his wife and little child. The finest bloggers give interesting and practical information to other people in addition to writing their own original content. In addition to publishing excellent travel advice, Expert Vagabond also offers hints and in-depth guidance on blogging and photography to assist you in developing your own brand.

Travel Freak – In addition to advice for specific locations, Travel Freak is an excellent source of facts you should know before you travel. The founder, Jeremy, frequently offers informative, in-depth evaluations of travel accessories and advice on topics like travel insurance. With its simple-to-use search option, Travel Freak is a very flexible travel blog that enables you to curate the material you are looking for, from working abroad to destination-specific advice and write-ups.

Flying the Nest – Couples on the road will find Flying the Nest to be a tidy, “aesthetically pleasing” site. Stephen and Jess are Australian natives who have been traveling the world together since 2015. Their biggest fan base is really on YouTube where they have maintained a fairly steady stream of excellent travel vlogs ever since they began their quest. Flying the Nest is a terrific place to start if you enjoy watching videos, especially if you intend to travel with a significant other.


Many people go to travel blogs for amazing photos of trip destinations, advice, and more. The hotel industry in Europe had significant pandemic disruption for two years, but the business quickly recovered in 2022. This recovery was brought on by an increase in domestic business and leisure travelers, as well as the reopening of international traveler borders. Western Europe, which includes countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland among others, is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign travelers.

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