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Fun Ways to Spend Your Free Time at College

Being at college is an exciting time for most people but can also be physically and emotionally exhausting. The standards of work that will be required are higher than before and there is also the challenge of fitting into a new environment and making friends.

What many people new to college don’t realize is that there can be a surprising amount of free time for students. That will help with the adjustment process and having fun during off-time will be important in keeping your stress levels low.

So what exactly should you do to ensure that fun is on the cards? Well we have some suggestions for making the most of the time between assignments.

Try Some Gaming

Gaming online is really hot among young people now and if you have never tried it before, this will be the ideal time to start. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you visit and online casino site. The games there can usually be played for really small amounts of money, so you don’t have to risk anything more than you can afford.

They have games that are perfect for first-time players too, like online slots. These have easy rules; lots of fun themes inspired by things like movies and can be played very quickly.

On the other hand, if you are really serious about getting into gaming, there are titles like Celeste – which tackles anxiety – and Child of Light that offer entertainment as well as progressive viewpoints.

Get Some Exercise

Exercising doesn’t have to just be about looking your best; it will also help you to feel better. There are proven links between physical and mental health, so dedicating some of your free time to it will keep your mood up.

Some people enjoy going to a gym and setting themselves workout challenges to meet. Gym memberships can be expensive, but an alternative is to take up running or to join a sports team if there is one that you particularly like playing. 

It doesn’t matter which option you pick, as the point is to get outside in the fresh air and have fun while getting fit.

Watch a Movie

Watching movies is a classic form of relaxation and can be a great way to spend a free evening with your friends. There have been movies released in recent years that are essential viewing, whether you want to chill out or start a conversation.

For the latter, films such as Get Out by Jordan Peele or even the recent Barbie movie will kick-start discussions about racism or sexism. For more laid-back viewing, Booksmart is a fine female-focused comedy while Glass Onion is a really fun sequel to the quirky smash-hit mystery Knives Out.

Go to Social Events

Meeting others is a big part of the point of college and going to social events is the best way of doing it. From the first week onwards, there are always activities organized by colleges that people can attend, but there will also be lots of private parties on campus.

Of course that is easy for some people, but a bit more of a nerve-wracking prospect for anyone who has anxiety or is naturally introverted. Don’t let that put you off going to events though, because people are much more understanding of those issues than they were in the past.

If you have someone you have struck up a friendship with already, they can come with you to make introductions. Socializing is one of the best things about college so you don’t want to miss out.

Join a Society

Some people love arguing while others prefer acting, but whatever you like doing there will almost certainly be a society dedicated to it at college. Joining it will help you to make new friends, which is great in terms of improving your social skills, but it can also be a fun way of networking.

Yes, you can potentially gain a head start in your chosen career while having fun in your free time. For instance, honing your debating skills will get you noticed if you are interested in a future in politics, while writing for the college newspaper is the sort of initiative that will impress if you want to become a journalist.

Even if you don’t see these things as future careers, signing up to a society can just be a fantastic way of having some fun and forgetting about the demands of college work for a few hours.

Now you have five potential ways that you can make your free time fly by while keeping the typical college stresses to the absolute minimum.


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