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Maximizing Your College Experience As A Commuter Student

College is hard and there is no getting around that. It does not matter if you attend the prestigious university or just go to community college first, each institution comes with its own set of challenges. As a commuter student, or someone who does not live on campus and has to travel varying distances each day to attend, the college experience can quickly become isolating and unrewarding. The first step to avoid this is to


On The Reclamation Of Slurs

A slur, in its verb form, is most commonly defined as a word used to harm someone’s reputation by criticising them. This isn’t exactly true when we speak of slurs like the n word, f***ot or tr***ny, but it’s close enough that we still understand that a slur is clearly a bad word. It is used in a willful and purposeful verbal act that is used to damage someone, usually in terms of their reputation,

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12 Strategies To Prepare For A Job Interview

Your interview is your one shot. These tips for interviewing are things that are simply prudent and helpful.  It is truly up to you, but do not discount the value of preparation for your interview. It’s like studying for the big test. You may not like to or want to do it, but it is undeniable that you have a better shot at an “A” with preparation than without. A job interview is no different.


Taiwan’s Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Serves as a Milestone for Asia

Despite the relentless sheets of rain pouring down, protesters in Taiwan still gathered outside the Legislate Yuan in Taipei to commemorate parliament’s vote on the legalization of same-sex marriage. It marked a historic moment in history as the first Asian country to ratify it. Same-sex couples will be able to get married starting on May 24th. In the future, however, Taiwanese LGBTQ+ members still face an uncertain path in terms of their country’s divided stance


How I Passed My Microsoft 70-764 Exam at the First Attempt with PrepAway Training Materials

It is clear that anyone who wants to go far in the world of Information Technology should be ready to earn some certifications. Beyond the knowledge gained from the study process, there is an opportunity to elevate one’s status and the numerous career potentials that are top among the reasons to consider attaining an IT credential. Besides, the certificate validates your knowledge and it can make a lot of difference in your career advancement. If


In Conversation with Shaymaa Ismaeel: How to Smile in the Face of Bigotry

Shaymaa Ismaeel is a 24-year-old Muslim woman whose photo in front of a mob of Islamophobic protesters went viral last month. According to various reports, Ismaa’eel was attending a three-day conference of the Islamic Circle of North America when she walked by a group of people protesting against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Instead of getting angry, the young therapist decided on the third day of her conference that she would combat “their hatred with


Maduro Needs to Go

Right now the situation in Venezuela is tense, to say the least. Two men Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó are fighting for control of the country. The country is in dire straits with a terrible economic crisis, there’s hyperinflation that has destroyed in value in the country’s currency. Every day civilians face massive food shortages and medicine is in short supply. In the last couple years over three million Venezuelans have fled the country. It’s


Abstinence, Abortion Rates & America’s Disastrous Sex Education

Incomplete sex education programs don’t always lead to pregnancy or abortion. However, research shows these factors are highly correlated. In light of recent legislation passed in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri to essentially ban abortions and place harsh restrictions on women seeking to terminate their pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to the context that led us here. How our country’s conservative attitude towards sex and positive views of religion and family relates to the education

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To All The Girls Without A Date to Prom

TO ALL THE GIRLS WITHOUT A DATE TO PROM, It’s okay. I wanted to be sure to start off on such a comforting note in case you’ve been sweating the big night. But seriously — it’s fine, for more than one reason alone. But I will start off with the most obvious one: you are not alone. This letter isn’t just for you, but it’s also for friends of mine and yours who claim they


Hello, Mr President: Bill Weld

Personal Background: Bill Weld was born on July 31st, 1945 in New York. Weld has been married twice with five children and three step-children. He graduated from both Harvard University with a law degree and the University of Oxford where he studied economics. Weld is a Republican and went on to become a successful businessman, politician and attorney. Once out of school, Weld started a private practice before becoming a legal counsel with the U.S.


In Conversing with Kaitlin Bennett: Finding the Difference Between Free and Hate Speech

You know her, whether it’s by Kent State girl, Gun Girl, “Poop Girl,” or Kaitlin Bennett. You might have seen her graduation picture from Kent State University, with an AR-10 rifle strapped on her back and a cap that read, along with a picture of her firearm, “Come and take it.” You may have seen countless viral videos that feature the intentional demonization of liberal advocates. She rose to prominence in the summer of 2018

Real Life

For Poway, Synagogue Shooting Turns News Into Reality

On April 27th, 2019, the Chabad in Poway was just beginning its celebration of the final day of Passover, with an event that was supposed to last from 11 to night. The Synagogue’s Facebook Page announced the festivities that would occur, and all signs indicated that it would be an incredible day filled with festivities and celebration for the Jewish faith. But at 11:30 am, plans for the day to come changed, as a shooter


Hello, Mr President: John Hickenlooper

Personal Background: John Hickenlooper was born February 7, 1952, in Narbeth, Pennsylvania and went on to graduate from Wesleyan University where he earned a B.A. in English and a  Masters Degree in Geology. Hickenlooper continued with a career as a geologist until he entered the business world when he co-founded the Wynkoop Brewing Company in 1988. In 2003, he was elected as the 43rd mayor of Denver. Hickenlooper served two terms, resigning in 2011. As

Real Life

March For Our Lives’ Latest PSA Explains The Grim Reality Of Rampant School Shootings

In February of 2018, a mass shooting occurred in Parkland Florida, killing 17 students and inciting national outcry. That was one of 307 mass shootings in 2018 alone. The students of Parkland formed “March For Our Lives”, and held one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War.  On their website, their mission statement is, “To harness the power of young people across the country to fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that


The Topic of White Nationalism Resurfaces with Joe Biden’s Campaign

On April 25, 2019, Former Vice President Joe Biden released a video announcement declaring his 2020 United States presidential campaign. In the video, Biden placed his focus primarily on the affairs of his predicted Republican opponent, President Donald Trump, and his reluctance to condemn the rhetoric and violence elicited by the white supremacists who organized the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. By highlighting Trump’s comment that there were “very fine people


Hitting 415: Rock Bottom or Launching Point?

Sorry pre-human times: we’ve broken your carbon emissions record. As of Saturday, the Mauna Loa Observatory showed that our emissions have generated over 415 parts per million of carbon. This record high emissions total has not been hit for over 3 million years and shows that we’ve now entered into an entirely new plane of our climate change fight. 415. You might think to yourself that that is not a very big percentage. After all,


The History Of Masculinity & How We Can Save It

In the Middle Ages, a man was judged by his chivalry: his respect for women, his loyalty to his people, and his willingness to do what was right. This led to tales like those of Lancelot and Gawain, placing the needs of others before their own and channeling their machismo into doing good work. This couldn’t last forever, though. The rules of chivalry fell in the 15th century, and by the 1900s the word “chivalry”



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