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Why We Shouldn’t Care If Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend is Gay for Pay

Photo: Jeffree Star/YouTube

Photo: Jeffree Star/YouTube

Jeffree Star is undisputedly one of the most problematic faces on YouTube; throughout the last few month’s, videos of Star saying racist and discriminatory comments surfaced on the web which has lead to the creation of major headlines in the news. While all this was going on there was one person that we heard zero from: his boyfriend, Nathan. It isn’t exactly a surprise; none of it is really his business after all. However, even with his silence, others on the Internet have been bringing him into the equation.

Hundreds of people have been questioning Nathan’s commitment to Jeffree. “I think Nathan likes the lifestyle. Driving Jeffree’s nice cars & living in his mansion,” one user said. The most common question asked by people online is, “Is Nathan even attracted to men or if he’s just “gay for pay?” After all, a masculine man can’t be gay (or attracted to men in general), right? It’s impossible for someone so “straight passing” to have any sort of interest in a make-up wearing, tattooed twink, right?

Now, I don’t know how Star and his boyfriend live their life (nor do I care). Maybe they have an agreement of “gifts for pleasure.” Maybe Jeffree just really enjoys buying Nathan luxurious gifts? Maybe Nathan even buys them for himself? Or here’s an even more radical idea: maybe they’re genuinely in love and attracted to each other? Whether he fits in the mold of the typical gay man or not. Why does everyone need to be against the way others live their life?

It’s all so bogus to me. Their relationship is such an “issue” to everyone and all because of what? Because Nathan looks like he’d rather have a women on his side? See, that’s the bigger issue. Everyone is so stuck on the narrative that gay men are supposed to look a certain way and speak a certain way and be attracted to a specific sex. Masculinity plays absolutely no factor in whom you like to have sex with or whom you choose to engage in a relationship with. Your attractions are there, regardless of your personality.

It’s devastating to watch many members of the LGBT community bring this up; we all understand how horrible it is to be forced into a box by society around us and doing it to other people is tragic. I understand that jokes are made, everyone has a different sense of humor but their relationship has reached the point that people are making videos in defense of Nathan and Jeffree and I don’t agree with that. Not because I’m Jeffree’s biggest “fan” but because it’s doing nothing but continuing an absurd stereotype and taking everyone two steps back when we’re attempting our hardest at progressing to a much more happy and free life.

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