Sorry, Susan, We’re Not Running ISIS

ISIS claimed the responsibility for the recent Las Vegas shootings and the internet was yet again taken by storm. Every here and there, people were talking and sharing sympathies with the victims. But Susan wasn’t one of them. Instead of praying for and sympathizing with the victims and their families, she was busy bullying Muslims outside her house and on the internet. She was, once again, yelling at immigrants, telling them to “go back to your country“ and “tell your terrorist brothers to stop.“

Let’s take a look at the facts now.

ISIS has killed more Muslims than anyone. ISIS has slaughtered and massacred Shia Muslims in huge numbers. It has massacred a lot of Sunni Muslims. ISIS had killed three Muslim imams for not praising them in their sermons. Bangladesh has suffered at the hands of ISIS. Syria and Iraq have. Turkey has. Nothing is Islamic about ISIS except it’s name. Muslims worldwide have suffered bullying, criticism, death and attacks because of the disgrace it has inflicted upon the religion’s name.

No one wants to see ISIS defeated more than Muslims.

But after suffering all this, Muslims wake up to notifications on Twitter that are just variations of: You stupid immigrant, go back to your desert and tell ISIS to stop!

Okay, but Susan, how do we do that? I swear we don’t have a WhatsApp chat group where they update us about the latest weapons they’re bringing in. We don’t tell them the location of the areas they should attack next. We’re not friends with ISIS nor do we run it. Please stop having impossible expectations from us that we’re going to ask them to stop.

There are approximately two billion Muslims in the world, which means that if every one of them was from ISIS, no one would stand a chance. Good thing they’re not.

And if you are perplexed about what to do in this stressful atmosphere, you can do so much just by not adding to the stress by being a Susan.



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