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These Teens Shared 5 SAT Secrets You Might Not Know

As fall approaches, the reality of getting ready for college catches you by surprise! Whether you’re on your way to college or preparing to go next year, there’s no doubt that one of the hurdles is the SAT. The SAT is the final boss you have to meet before you can start applying for colleges. So, what exactly is the secret to acing the SAT? We talked to two teens, and they revealed their biggest

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Affinity Magazine Celebrates 4 Years

Since the creation of Affinity Magazine in 2013, we knew we wanted to be a different type of news outlet. I think in these past 4 years we have achieved that, we are an alternative news outlet ran entirely by teens. Last weekend we hosted our rooftop party to celebrate 4 years of Affinity Magazine.       We welcomed new readers, old readers and anyone else who wanted to come celebrate with us! When I


Stop Giving White Supremacists a Platform on TV — It Helps Them Recruit

Personally, I really don’t care to hear anything a white supremacist has to say. So why they continue to be given interviews on TV bewilders me. They’re given interviews on VICE, MTV and other mainstream news networks. Not only does this validate their egos, but it furthers their cause. It gives them an audience, it gives them exposure and it gives them opportunities. In part, these interviews mean that these networks are content with white supremacists.

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Dressing Older Isn’t an Excuse For Older Men To Prey on Young Girls

It’s not news to anyone that we live in a victim blaming society that loves to blame women for the unfortunate situations that happen to them. You were raped? Well maybe you shouldn’t have been breathing. Got assaulted? Well you shouldn’t have left the house. Catcalled? Well you shouldn’t have worn those clothes in the first place. Victim blaming is something all women know too well. It’s no secret that men like younger girls. In


It Took a White Woman Dying For America To Finally Fight Against White Supremacy

While protesting at Charlottesville, Heather Heyer died after a car slammed into a group of people protesting against racism and hate. The aftermath of this death has been pivotal in many ways. Heather is a martyr and what she did was brave, remarkable and powerful. Her Facebook header was an image that said, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”. Her death was not in vain. Since those events at Charlottesville, Virginia the world


How Websites Like Infowars and Daily Wire Bring Out the Racism in White Nationalists

Last month, we made the poor decision to make a tweet about white people saying they age like bananas. In retrospect, we insensitively used the Olsen twins as an example, not knowing their prior health battles. As we gained notoriety for this tweet, we gained the attention of white nationalism Twitter. Yes, that Twitter. The Trump supporting, tar eating, mud slinging nationalism Twitter. The type to tell you to get out of America if you don’t


A Number Of Police Have Been Arrested For Human Trafficking — Could They Be A Part Of The Missing Girls In DC?

The increased media coverage of the black and latinx girls missing in DC has started a national discussion on whether the cause is human trafficking. Black lawmakers are now calling for the FBI to investigate. In part, social media has been vital in exposing the cases of many of these missing girls. Although many assume these missing cases have been attributed to human trafficking, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Acting Chief of Police Newsham have stated


Disney’s Original ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Was a Metaphor For AIDS

With the new buzz about the reboot of Beauty and The Beast, people are once again talking about this unforgettable 90s film. Most Disney movies seem innocent and void of all the horrible things in the world, and this is why many people enjoy Disney; they make it seem like everything has a happy ending. Well, if you dig deeper into the meaning of Beauty of The Beast, it has a much deeper meaning. In fact,


Black Girls Are Going Missing Everyday, And Nobody Is Doing Anything About It

I have been seeing many posts about black girls going missing. Usually, they’re around my age and from my area, too. Recently, girls have gone missing from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and many parts of New York, such as the Bronx. Yet there is very minimal media coverage about them, I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence either. It seems like it’s a part of a darker epidemic. An article from Newsone noted that over

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Allow Kim J To Reintroduce Herself

Kim J — Johansson is no stranger to the internet. She began her internet fame on Tumblr and soon it followed her to Instagram and Twitter. “It’s still crazy to me when I think about the following that I have online. I forget that it’s really real.” She says, “I can’t believe that there are real people behind the numbers who find me interesting enough to follow. It’s pretty cool though that we can all connect with things we relate to.” Kim never in a million years thought she...

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