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Dressing Older Isn’t an Excuse For Older Men To Prey on Young Girls

It’s not news to anyone that we live in a victim blaming society that loves to blame women for the unfortunate situations that happen to them. You were raped? Well maybe you shouldn’t have been breathing. Got assaulted? Well you shouldn’t have left the house. Catcalled? Well you shouldn’t have worn those clothes in the first place. Victim blaming is something all women know too well.

It’s no secret that men like younger girls. In a study done by dating app OKCupid in 2010, showed that men do prefer dating women astronomically younger than them. Maybe the real reason men prefer such younger girls is to prove to themselves that they’re still desirable or maybe, even, to control them. A recent and well-known case would be Tyga and Kylie Jenner. At the time, Kylie wasn’t even 18 yet and Tyga was 25.

Although Tyga states they started dating when she was 17, many people beg to differ. He denied dating Kylie in an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2015. As soon as Kylie turned 18, Tyga wasn’t afraid to reveal their relationship to the world, even having her co-star in his music video called ‘Stimulated’. In the song he says, “They say she young, I should’ve waited. She a big girl, dog when she stimulated“. Tyga put himself in the perfect position to manipulate such a young girl — Kylie even found herself loaning Tyga money, to the tune of two million dollars. During this time people were blaming Kylie for this relationship but the thing is Tyga possibly did groom Kylie. He has known the Kardashian family for years due to Blac Chyna being friends with Kim Kardashian in the past.

In recent news, rapper The Game was exposed for sending a DM message to a 16 year-old-girl. This isn’t the first time he has been with a young girl, back in 2014 he was in a relationship with social media model India Love. At the time she was only 18, but reporters stated they had been seeing each other long before that. Perhaps The Game has an affinity for younger girls.

But why would the younger girl date guys this much older? One explanation is that it makes them feel mature. To anyone reading this blaming the young girls for getting in these situations: it’s not their fault.

It’s just not realistic for a 30-40 year old man to have anything in common with a teenager.

Older men groom these young girls with gifts and overall love. They prey on girls that have lower self esteem or don’t come from the best family or socioeconomic backgrounds. Instead of seeing them as victims, people choose to see them as accomplices. When you’re growing up, you’re developing and so is your young impressionable mind. Older men know this, that’s why they prey on them. I believe the narrative needs to be shifted and more blame should be placed on the older men instead of the young girls.

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